Sustainable tourism in vibrant Chengdu

As the home of the Chinese giant panda, Chengdu, the capital city of Southwest China’s Sichuan province, enjoys a good reputation for its gorgeous sceneries, ancient wonders and renowned cuisine.

Recently, the UN World Tourism Organization has established an agency to observe tourism development on Oct 12 in Chengdu, as part of its Global Observatory on Sustainable Tourism program. Chengdu has abundant tourism attractions including the nation’s giant panda breeding research center.

In addition, what impresses many other visitors to Chengdu is the ancient irrigation system Dujiangyan, which is included on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites in 2000 together with Qingchengshan, where the toism originated.

What’s more, the food in Sichuan named Sichuan cuisine is also one of the Chinese Eight major reginal Cuisines, which is particularly famous for its spiciness due to special materials, including garlic and chili peppers as well as the unique flavor of the Sichuan pepper. Here one dish which is famous across the whole country and strongly recommended by most visitors is Sichuan hotpot.

With all these abundant natural resources and rich cultures, Chengdu attracts visitors both at home and abroad every year.