Temple Fair during 2016 Spring Festival in Beijing

Holding temple fair is one of the traditional methods to celebrate Spring Festival in China. Then where can we meet the most bustling temple fair during Spring Festival in Beijing? When will the temple fair is on? And what is the price of the entrance tickets? Hope the selected information by China Xian Tour could contribute your Beijing tour during Chinese Spring Festival.

A. The 31st Ditan Spring Festival Temple Fair
Date: Feb 8th-12th,
Open time: 08:30-17:00 each day,
Entrance tickets: RMB10/PAX,
Address: Ditan Park,
Public vehicle:
Yonghegong Station of Metro L2& l5, Ditan Nanmen Station of Bus No 13, 116, 62, 44, 130, 684, 909, 75 (to south gate of Temple of Earth)
Andingmen Station of Metro L2, Ditan Ximen Station of Bus No 104, 108, 124, 27, 127, 119, 407, 328, 18, 113, 430, 426, 301 (to west gate of Temple of Earth)
Ditan Dongmen Station of Bus No 117 (to East Station of Temple of Heaven).

Highlights of the temple fair: the Qing Dynasty style worshiping ceremony to Earth, traditional opera shows, flower show, Spring Festival photo exhibition, local snacks, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts.

B. The 33rd Longtan Spring Festival Temple Fair
Date: Feb 8th -12th, 2016,
Entrance tickets: RMB10/PAX,
Address: Longtan Park,
Public vehicle:
Guangminglou Station of Bus No 34, 35, 36, 41, 54, 352, 561, 650, 957, Longtanhu Station of Bus No 8, 12, 561 (to North Gate of the Park),
Longtanhu Station of Bus No 6, 12, 60, 116, 352, 684, 650, 958 (to northwestern Gate of the park),
Zhongliuyiyuan Station of Bus 51, Jingsong Nanlu Xikou Station of Bus No 122 (to East Gate of the Park),
Longtanhu Youyongchi Station of Bus No 12, 684, 650 (to west gate of the park), Highlights of the temple fair: Recreational and sportsactivities, intangible cultural heritage of Dongcheng District, folk snacks of Tianjing, Beijing and Hebei.

C. 22nd Hongluosi Temple Fair
Date: Feb 8th-12th, 2016,
Entrance tickets: RMB54/PAX,
Address: Hongluosi Temple,
Public Vehicle: Shuttle Bus from Dongzhimen Station to Hongluosi,

Highlights of the Temple Fair: the traditional Chinese conception of “HAPPINESS”, home-made lantern exhibition, Cangzhou acrobatics show, folk music show, guessing latern riddles, food street, etc.

D. 21st Daguanyuan Honglou Temple Fair
Date: Feb 8th -12TH, 2016,
Entrance Tickets: RMB 40/PAX,
Address: Beijing Daguanyuan,
Public Vehicle: Bus No 49, 56, 59, 122, 351, 395, 423, 474, 721, 744, 939.
Highlights of the temple Fair: The performance Lady Yuan’s Mothering (created according to the Chinese classic novel A DREAM OF RED MANSIONS) on stage daily from Feb 8th to 12th, one starts from 09:30 and the other one starts from 13:00. Puppet show, acrobatics show, Facial makeup in operas, leather shadow, paper cutting.

Each year during Spring Festival there are temple fairs in Beijing and other Cities in China. That is one of the popular to celebrate Chinese new year and to spend a funny Chinese new year. If you missed the Spring Festival Temple Fair of 2016, the more interesting Spring Festival Temple Fairs will wait for your visit in the next few years.