The Ancient Royal Drum Music Reappears in Xian

Dongcang Drum Music dates from Han dynasty, and gets flourished in Sui and Tang dynasty. It has underwent a new reform in later Song era. In reality, Dongcang Drum Music is the representative of Chinese traditional music. Dongcang Drum Music Club is one of the famous drum clubs in Xian, one that few among them can live off on government subsidy, which serves for imperial officer in ancient time.

Over a thousand years the club has had no fixed venue to perform, but luckily, it has stationed in Tang Paradise for a decade. The club performs everyday in Tang Paradise now, and thereby the elegant and magnificent Datang music is reappeared.

For 13 years, Dongcang club has made more than 10,000 performances for worldwide tourists, with some of the classic shows being highly celebrated. Dongcang club has also went to Europe and Japan to act on behalf of China’s drum music clubs, exhibiting the unique and mysterious charm of Tang dynasty palace music.

Dongcang Drum Music revives the Chinese royal style classical music, despite the difficulty that it once nearly failed to be handed down owing to lacking successor with relevant skills. The art itself contains historical value, academic value and cultural value. It is undoubtedly the extant outstanding drum music.

Every day at 13:30, 15:40, 17:00, Dongcang Drum Music, the intangible cultural heritage of mankind will be put on stage at Luyu Teahouse in Tang Paradise. This will definitely be a feast of Chinese music culture, and also an unexpected experience for Xian tour.