The Eighth Jiuzhaigou International Icefall Festival Promotes Feedback for Tourists

The 2013 Jiuzhaigou International Icefall Festival will be held in Jiuzhaigou scenic spot, lasting from November 18, 2012 to March 31, 2013.

The festival will push off a series of activities, including the Icefall Festival Opening Ceremony, the Fourth Smart Famous Scenic Sites International Forum, Seeking International Tourism Destination for envoys from foreign countries and their wives — Journey to Jiuzhaigou, “Human Aba, Colorful Aba ” 2013 International Tourism Promotion Conference, the Second Jiuzhaigou Zhuoma Contest, the “Blue ice and Warm sun ” self-driving tour and “A Bite of Jiuzhaigou” Food Fair etc.

Jiuzhaogo Administration will promote some feedback activities for expressing appreciation for the support of tourists and travel agencies.

1. Special offer in winter: If you (travel agency or individual traveler) buy five full fare tickets of slack season (2013/1/1 — 2013/3/31), then you will get one full fare ticket of busy season(usable from April to June in 2013).

2. Free Days: Jiuzhaigou Scenic site will be open for free on Feb 10, 2012( sight-seeing buses in exclusion)

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Site Administration reserves all rights for the final interpretation.