Xian Will Recover the Eight Rivers in 5 Years

In history, Xian was a city surrounding by 8 great rivers: Weihe River and Jinghe River to north, Fenghe River and Laohe River to west, Juehe River and Haohe River to south, Chanhe River and Bahe River to east.


The 8 rivers contribute much to local area:

  1. They offered plenteous water source for ancient people’s life and agriculture development.
  2. They benefited local area with convenient water transport.
  3. They made the Chang’an (today’s Xian), a inland dry city livable.

While as time goes by, the stream of the 8 rivers were increasingly less and they have been badly polluted.

To better the environment of Xian, municipal government decides to strengthen hydrology control.  And with the development of the city, the 8 rivers used to surround Xian will become the 8 rivers inside Xian. Water source endows a city with life force. The future Xian will be a city that has Guanyutan Lake on bank of Xhanhe and Bahe Rivers in east, Kunming Lake on bank of Fenghe River in West, Jujiang Pool in south, Tuanjie Lake in North, and has moat surrounding ancient City Wall in city center.


Traveling to Xian in several years later you will find the city is more beautiful and attractive!