The Food Silk Road

Silk Road was a crucial diplomatic channel for the ancient Chinese emperors.

Silk Road has been a “Money” channel for the merchants going through it.

Silk Road is a thrilling journey way for adventurers from home and abroad.

Silk Road is a Food collecting way for all foodies.

China Silk Road Tours provides the special Silk Road Food Tours during your travel on the noble Silk Road, letting you get ideas about the local foods, cultures and customs. Join in Food Tour with us, you will be feasted at both eyes and taste buds.


1. Liang Pi (Cold Noodles)

2. Roujiamo (Chinese Hamburger)

3. Yang Rou Pao Mo (Baked Cake Dipped into the Mutton or Beef Soup)


1. Hand-Pulled Noodles with Beef

2. Niang Pi (A local food like Cold Noodles of Xian)


1. Mutton cubes roasted on a skewer

2. Xinjiang Da Pan Ji (Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper)

3. Xinjiang Nang

4. Roast Whole Lamb