The “Genitals” Scenic Spot Arouses Controversy

Recently, the official micro blog of Tourism Administration of Pinghe County in China’s southeastern Fujian Province posted a photo of “genitals” Scenic Spot, which has around a great controversy among netizens and society. The so-called indecent photos posted on the micro blog are actually two scenic spots which are very like human genitals in shape.

After media report, the photos have been reprinted by many websites and caused a hot discussion in the internet. There are almost 18,000 netizens participating in reviews only in Sohu net. Some netizens expressed: “ All these rocks were formed naturally instead of specially designed, how can it be indecent.” While some said: “In order to be famous, it is unbelievable that Fujian Province should use genitals to solicit business ”.

The blogger who posted the photos is a staff of Pinghe Tourism Administration who named Li Fang. “These are the gorgeous masterpieces created by nature, why indecent?”, said Li, “ There are many genital-shaped scenic spots at home and abroad, such as the Guanzhi Mountain in Longyan City, Fujian Province and Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province.”

Although it the post has stirred up many controversies, but Li Fang does bot feel regrettable at all. Netizens from various fields have transmitted the tweet, including Japan tourist office, Philippine National Tourism Administration. However, under the various pressure, the photos have been deleted already by the Tourism Administration of Pinghe County.