The Great Wall of Jinshanling

It was located in the LuanPing county Bakeshiying Village of Hebei Province; it is about 130 km from Beijing. A wide field of vision is the greatest feature of the Great Wall here. The wall spirals tortuously among the lofty ridges and towering mountains, there is a forest of lookout tower, and the imposing manner is very magnificent. This is the unique scenery of the Great Wall. There is a more distinctive feature of contract, is that many sets of obstruct wall was constructed vertically with the Great Wall’s edge at some section. This Beijing Xian tour really impressed me a lot. The imposing manner of the Great Wall can only be experienced when you stand on it in person.

The shooting holes and lookout holes were made in the obstruct wall. Once the enemy attack and occupy the battlement, soldiers on the Great Wall can still consolidate at every step, and make use of a strategic vantage point to fightback. At some area, about 40 meters or 50 meters outside of the main Great Wall, there is a set of stone wall, it is the first line of defense of the Great Wall. All of this is not only the Great Wall’s features here but also reflects the ingenuity of the Craftsman.

The lookout tower is so strange mad beautiful. Generally speaking, the lookout tower has 100 metres distance each other. The ground is flat between the towers, just about 50 or 60 meters. The power of two is enough to control the middle of them. And some of them have many grain and gun power. Outside of the tower has a low wall for guarded. The roof of tower was very beautiful; some of them are rectangle, also divided into hard roof, “xieshan” roof. Not only for use it correctly, but also very beauty. And some brick were made up of “rafter”. It was very hard, and nation character. In 1987, the Great Wall of Jinshanling was list in The World Cultural Heritage List.

After the Beijing trip, I continued my Xian tour for the world famous Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses.