The most Beautiful European-style Food Street in Beijing

In the ancient capital of Beijing , there is an European-style Food Street. Colorful flowers always play an important role in Europe’s old streets. The flower are designed carefully and exquisitely by the owners, with some hung on walls, some on balconies, some stay quietly in corners and some just stand in the center of street.

Some old streets also have mottled and broken walls, like Morocco, Tunisia. The local people has very good eyes for beauty. They paint the walls with colorful pigment to turn the dilapidated look more bright and exuberant. In historical and cultural European towns and villages, people are good at to adorn life with plants. Flowers decked life and also make life full of romance. That why many flowers’ connation is love, happiness and sweet.

European-style-Food-Street-in-Beijing-02Except flowers, beautiful ironworks, triangular wooden palisades and streetlights with glass cover are all duplicates of European style. In Beijing, I find a similar street, in where except that the restaurants were not named with “ABC”letters, other things have no difference with European streets. The place is called “SOLANA”, which means blue harbor. Located at the northwest bank of Chaoyang Park, the largest city park in Asia,it is a European style business center full of bright sunlight, quiet lakes, elegant buildings and romantic pathways.

More than 30 restaurants spread in the outher street in the northmost area. Last time when I joined a Beijing to Xian tour, a pair of Arabian mother and daughter invited me to the famous A Thousand and On Night Restaurant, a typical Arabian restaurant. And I like it very much. But if you plan a Xian tour, such food street is hardly found.