The One-armed Boy Conquered Mt. Huashan on Foot

On August 30th, a special tourist to Mt. Huashan attracted others’ attention and won people’s admiration. It is a 24 years old one-armed boy whose name is Guo Shaoyu.

The boy started from the foot of Mt. Huahsna and climbed along Wulong Bridge (Five-dragon Birdge), Huixin Shi, and Baichi Xia, and finally arrived top of North Peak of Mt. Huashan in 5.5 hours.


It was light rainy in mountain on August 30th,  the sloppy road made the climbing more difficult for even normal climbers. On his way to mountain top, the boy met many tourists and they all thumb up to him.

In 2008 when he was 14 years old,  the boy got an electric shock and lost his right arm and  right leg. The unexpected accident changed his life. Since then the boy strengthened training for several years and finally the became a state-level disabled athlete.

In June 2017, the boy just finished his riding along Sichuan – Tibet Highway from Ya’an to Lhasa.

Mt. Huashan Hiking and Sichuan – Tibet Highway Riding is quite challenging and exciting. Though they are quite difficult to finish, finishing them will endow one with much sense of accomplishment.