The Palace Museum in Beijing

The Palace Museum in the center of Beijing is a comprehensive museum expanded from the imperial palaces of and the collections from the Ming and Qing dynasties. For its architecture please see the chapter on Chinese palaces. Here we introduce you the collections.

The Palace Museum collects more than one million pieces of ancient literary and art materials, one sixth of China’s total cultural relics. In addition to the living articles used by Ming and Qing emperors and their wives, papers and documents from the two dynasties, there are bronzes, jades, paintings and calligraphic works, ceramics, enamels, lacquer ware, golden and silver articles. Chinese and foreign clocks and watches. These cultural relics have great value for the study of Chinese history, culture mid art, After the founding of New China, state allocation, collection from society and individuals’ donations have increased the collection of the cultural relics by some 220,000 pieces, filling many blanks in the collections, Especially the collections of ancient paintings and calligraphic works include calligraphic works by Eu Ji and Wang Xun from the Jin Dynasty, On the Goddess of the Luo River by Gu Kaizhi from the Jin Dynasty.

Exhibitions in the Palace Museum fall into two categories: exhibitions of imperial courts in their original forms and various kinds of art treasures related and thematic exhibitions. The first category includes ceremonies to show how the emperor holds court, the emperor reads and comments on a document, and the life of the emperor and his wife. The thematic exhibitions include those to display the arts from various historical periods, bronzes, ceramics, paintings, gems, clocks and watches, documents and cultural relics from Qing Dynasty. and opera-related cultural relics from Qing Dynasty. The Palace Museum houses the largest collection of cultural relics in China and is famous for its collection of ancient culture and art in the world. Many of them are invaluable cultural relics and tile only ones in the world.