The Southern Hemisphere Hits the Tourism Hotspot

Nowadays, the southern hemisphere enters early summer, which makes Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya the high-profile tourism destinations. Even though the tour prices are most in the range from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan RMB, it is rather cheaper than that in Spring Festival, therefore it has attracted a lots of groups.

It is learned that among the best selling anti-season products so far, some traditional tourism products of Australia and New Zealand are still left out. Many Australia-New Zealand routes for December have been sold out one month earlier. A new feature of the anti-season tourism in this year is the mini package tour, with less than 8 people usually, and they can arrange the itinerary by themselves, according to the GZL.

Meanwhile, Africa also witnesses its peak tourism season recently. Some tourists move the attention from Australia and New Zealand to Africa. South Africa’s Johannesburg, Sun City, Cape Town all have drawn a growing attention by these anti-season tourism lovers.