The “Study Legend” of Tsinghua University

Recently, the twin sisters in Tsinghua University named Ma Donghan and Ma Dongxin became a big hit and their academic transcripts and learning schedules are getting popular online, which also aroused a heated discussion in China’s society.

Ma Donghan is the winner of the special scholarship, which is the highest honor given to students at Tsinghua University. The winners are supposed to be the most excellent students with a comprehensive development of overall quality or have an remarkable contributions in a certain area.

Ma Donghan is one of the most exceptional among her competitors. Ma Donghan’s academic transcripts show that her score of each course is no less than 95. For the past 3 years, her GPA and comprehensive quality assessment has been ranked first in her class.

Ma Dongxin, another final winner of the special scholarship, is Ma Donghan’s sister. The two sisters became the final winners among 5 Tsinghua special scholarship recipients in 2011.Besides, Ma Donghan’s learning schedule indicates that her time is measured by minute. She arranges her study life hour-by-hour from Monday to Sunday and never wastes one minute.Some netizens joked online like this, “It seems that she is even much busier than China’s leaders.” “I feel that breathing is a waste of time in her life.” The learning schedule has sparked a debate about whether studying so hard is worthwhile.

Ma is called as “Xue Ba” in Chinese online by netizens. “Xue” means “Study”and “Ba” means “hegemon”. The expression means that her achievement is unsurpassed at Tsinghua University.What’s your opinion about the “legend” twins?