The Western Garden-Three Lakes


Beihai lies in the west of Gugong and Jingshan in Beijing City. She is one of the delicate royal gardens and also is the ancient garden masterpiece that remains the longest history records for her grand scale and delicated arrangement in China today.


Zhongnanhai is the general term of Zhonghai and Nanhai. It was a part of the palace garden’s West Gardens in Ming and Qing Dynasty with Beihai. Zhonghai and Nanhai are the range of Taiye Lake in the Liao, jin periods and Yuan Dynasty. The boundary between Zhonghai and Beihai is the Golden Turtle and Jade Bridge (now is called Beihai Bridge).The boundary between Nanhai and Zhonghai is Scorpion Bridge. The two places connect with the waters.

The famous scenic spot is Jiaoyuan, Wanshan hall, Ziguang pavillion, and Shuiyun pavilion,and so on.


Tuancheng lies in the west of the south gate of Beihai, and also lies between Beihai, Zhonghai, Golden Turtle and Jade Bcidge mad Gugong, Jingshan, which connected with the palace and garden, and formed the most beautiful scene in Beijing.

Sunmler Palace

Summer Palace situates in the western suburban area of Beijing, more than ten kilometers away the downtown. Because ot the beauty of its gardening, it is a scenic spot which internal and external tourists look forward to visit.

Summer Palace was taken up by the feudalists as the imperial palace from eight hundred years ago. Jin Dynasty, Zhangzong had built the temporal palace in here, it was one of the eight palace which called “Gold Water Palace”.Summer Palace is made up of Wanshoushan and Kunming Lake.

Till 1750, Qianlong ordered to build a prolong life’s temple on the basis ofYuanjing temple for his mother’s birthday on urn mountain. So this mountain’ name was changed to Wanshoushan. At he same time, Golden Sea was dredged enormously and changed to Kunming Lake.The whole garden called Qingyi Garden.It had been damaged by some foreign invader in 1860. In 1888 Empress Cixi, she embezzled fees from navy construction and rebuilt the palace on the site of Qiyi Garden, later called Summer Palace. Totally more than three thousand million tales, and it was reconstructed at that time.

The layout of the Summer Palace is divided into the Eastern Palace Gate, the Eastern Hill, the Front Hill, the Back Hill and Kunming Lake.