Top Five beautiful highways in Shaanxi Province

Top1.  Gao Jiang Highway stretches from Gao Qiao Pu to Jiang Xi Ying Village. Driving along this way you will see the authentic beauty of the Qinling Mountain Ranges.

Top2. Long Ma Highway stretches from Longxian County to Malu town in Gansu Province. This high way presents passengers the beauty of Guanshan Pasture and the herds of cattle and horses.

Top3. Anlan Highway stretches from Ankang to Langao. This highway in the southern Shaanxi Province could lead drivers directly to Chongqing City. Many tourist attractions dotted along the road, such as Yinghu, Nangong Mountain, Tianshu Canyon, and Hualong Mountain Tourist Area.

Top4. Jiangmei Highway stretches from Jiangwozi in Liuban County to Meixian County through Qinling Mountain Ranges. Driving along this road, passengers could witness the ancient plank road built along cliff, the grand beauty of Taibai Mountain, and the Shitou River Reservoir.

Top5. Shenyu Highway stretches in the very northern Shaanxi Province. Driving on this road passengers could appreciate the boundless desert and brooks.