Tougher Laws against Child Abuse Needed

Respect the old and taking care of the young has been always considered as a virtue of Chinese nation. But nowadays, many Chinese young generation has totally ignore if it and does it precisely the opposite way.

Recently, a notorious child abuse case just occurred in Wenling city, China’s western Zhejiang province in China. Yan Yanhong, an uncertified teacher at a privately owned kindergarten in Wenling city posted a photo of her picking a boy up by his ears online, which has aroused a heated discussion in society. The child appeared to be shouting in the photo and seemed to be in great pain.

Later, the police found more than 700 photos in Yan’s e-album of children being abused in different manners, including being thrown into garbage cans or having their mouths sealed with plastic tape.

When asked why she did that? Yan said that she just playing with the child for fun. How ridiculous the reply is!

Yan was detained by the police last week.

Yao Jianlong, a legal expert at East China University of Political Science and Law and an advocate of better legal protection for children in China, adding that current criminal law does not specify the punishment in child-abuse cases, and most offenders will be exempt from punishment unless the abuse caused grave injury or death.

Although many laws and even the Constitution have forbidden the abuse of children, some people still are unware of the seriousness of the child abuse.

Experts said that nowadays many training institutions attach great importance to preschool educators’ teaching abilities, but not enough to ethics issues, then it comes as no surprise that a lot of child abuse in China’s school and even family.