UNWTO Decides to Give Shao Qiwei the Award for A Lifetime of Achievement

As the rapid development of China’s inbound and outbound tourism has boosted global economy and enhanced China’s international status, therefore, United Nation World Tourism Organization(UNWTO) decided to give Shao Qiwei, director of China’s National Tourism Administration(CNTA) the award for a lifetime of achievement, Reporter learned from CNTA on Tuesday.

“China has become one of tourism leaders in the world, which made a great contribution to China’s political status”, Secretary-General of UNWTO Taleb Rifai said, “Since Shao Qiwei took up the director of CNTA and the chairman of China’s Tourism Association, he has played a crucial role in the development of China’s domestic tourism, inbound and outbound tourism.” The award jury speaks highly of Shao Qiwei’s contribution on the issue that Chinese government’s confirming tourism industry as a strategic pillar industry of China. They believe that the decision is one of the important reasons for the remarkable achievement of China’s Tourism industry.

In recent years, the national domestic, inbound and outbound tourism developed rapidly, in particular, outbound tourism grows as a leader. According to latest statistics, Chian has become the third biggest inbound reception and outbound source country, and is forming the largest domestic tourism market in the world. So far, the number of approved destination countries and regions has reached 146.

The UNWTO is an international government organization set up in 2003. This is the first time for it to establish the A Lifetime Award, which is used to award individual person who is proactive and has great contributions in his career, and also has more powerful appeal in national, regional and international tourism development. There are two prize winner, and Shao Qiwei is one of them.