Vietnam’s Hanoi Airport Refuses to Stamp on China’s New Passport

Maps on China’s new passport’s inside pages claimed China’s sovereignty over the South China Sea and southern Tibet area, which has provoked some protest of surrounding countries, including the Philippines and Vietnam. The principal of Noi Bai International Airport in Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi said that Vietnam would refuse to stamp on China’s new passport, according to AFP on November 27.

The report said border staff in north Vietnam’s Liangshan Region also rejected to give stamp on China’s new passport, declaring that they would rather give China’s entrants “staple visas”. But Vietnam said that Chinese citizens can still enter their country normally by holding the new passport.

However, US State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said in a regular press conference held on Nov 26 that China’s new passport inside map will not impact on America’s visa-issuing or the party’s entrance to America, but which doesn’t mean U.S. approves on China’s claim in the disputed territory.