Wandering in Qujiang Pool Park

If you have plenty of time in Xian, after visiting the world-famous Terra-cotta Warriors, Xian Ancient City Wall, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda etc, why not come and walk around at the Qujiang Pool Park to unwind and relax yourself?

Recommendation Rate: ★★★★

1.Take Bus No.22, No.224, No.212, No.504 and get down at Qujiang Pool Commanding Station, then walk for 2 mins you will arrive at the south of the Qujiang Pool.
2.You may take any bus which can bring you to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and then take another bus to the south entrance of the Tang Paradise, then walk for 5 mins you will arrive at the north tip of the Qujiang Pool Park.

Special Features: Wide Vision, Money-saving, hydrophilic property

Nearby attractions: Qujiang Hanyao (rough cave), Tombs of Qin Er Shi, Tang Dynasty’s City Wall Relics Park

Restaurant: Few

Suggestions: Buses available, taxis is not needed, better to bring food and drinks.

The Qujiang Pool Park is located at Qujiang Scenic zone, south Xian. Together with Qujiang Hanyao Relic Park, Tomb of Qin Er Shi and Tang Dynasty’s City Wall Relics Park, they formed an ecological landscape zone which covers an area of 1,500 mu(about 999,000㎡).

The park is renowned as the first grand landscape and garden type relics park integrating historical culture protection, ecological garden, landscape, amusement and tourism in northwest China and reproduces landscape and humanistic layouts of Qujiang District characterized by “overlapped green forest and matched verdant water”. Designed by Ms. Zhang Jinqiu, a famous architect and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the park has re-created natural landscapes of Qujiang Pool through impressionistic style and built the unique landscape system featuring “overlapped green forest and verdant water” in virtue of mutual response of three sections and two zones.