Western Festivals Haunt China

Halloween is coming. As one of the most important festivals in western countries, now it begin to gain its popularity among Chinese young teenagers. The picture on the right shows a girl carving a pumpkin lantern for Halloween at the Gulin Park in Nanjing, East China’s Jiangsu province, Oct 28, 2012. At Furong street in Jinan, East China’s Shandong province, a man wears a Halloween mask to attract customs on Oct 28, 2012. Local shops have prepared decorations and pumpkin lanterns for the upcoming Halloween. It seems that Chinese people have got ready for the western Halloween. Suddenly I realized that, western festivals have imperceptibly crept into China’s society.

In recent years, western festivals are so hot in China, mainly include Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day etc, and now Halloween joins in. Statistics from a newspaper survey shows those who celebrate these festivals are mostly young people aging from 18 to 28.

When the festivals come along, young people become quite vigorous. They exchange gifts with classmates, friends, colleagues and go to KTV, pubs and restaurants. Especially when Christmas falls, there are variety of decorates such as Christmas trees, vermilion hats, elaborate cards and various toys in stores, campuses, offices and houses etc.

The phenomenon has aroused a great controversy in society. Many people, including experts, begin to worry about the disadvantages and potential harm to Chinese traditional culture. While other people think otherwise. Some people comment that: “We celebrate the festivals even without knowing their meanings!” “They are foreign, why should we Chinese people keep their festivals?” Besides, some people even believe that it is a kind of cultural aggression and we should drive them out of our country.

Another point of view holds that their no harm to our culture and it can bring us happiness instead through various activities. It can draw the relationship between friends, valentines and relatives closer.

What your thoughts on this?