What should you do in China if you want to have more than two babies ?

Recently, a question was posted on the Internet: What can I do in China if I want to give birth to more than two babies?

A news in China reported about over a million Chinese families lost their only adult children, end up with an empty-nest family. These parents are mostly at the age of 50s. For over 20 years, they had lived happily with their only children. But just as they started to prepare new houses and dowry for their sun and daughter, unexpected accidents or disasters took away lives of these children. From then on, they have been living with sufferings and pain that are unimaginable to other people.

In China, people at their age are supposed to enjoy family life after more than 20 years’ parenting their children and finally retired from their works. But since they lost their only child, they begin to avoid relatives and friends, especially on those occasions for reunion of the extend family. Because it is a painful experience for them to see people enjoying quality time while they can only see images of their children through grievous memories. How are they going to spend the rest of their lives? They don’t know and wouldn’t know it. I guess I can understand how painful they are even though I haven’t a baby yet. As we all know, China has been carrying out family planning policy from 1980s and late became the one-child policy, which provides that one family should give birth to only one baby for good. Nowadays, many people at their twenties or younger are almost the only child in their families, mostly the families in China’s urban area. Once the parents their only one child, then they will feel lonely and could not be well cared in their late years. The most tragic thing for them is they have to suffer from the pain of losing their child during the rest of their life and wait until natural death coming to them. Because my husband and I both grow up in cities, it means we both have City Hukou. He is not only one child in his family. In other words, we are not allowed to have two babies. Otherwise, we may get fired by our companies and get greatly fined. But I really want to have more than two babies, or as many as possible. The right of giving birth to more than one baby is prohibited in China.

As an unmarried lady, Since I read the news report, I began to get an idea of having more than one baby. But this action might cause a penalty by being greatly fined. What would you do in China if you want to give birth to more than two babies? Can anybody tell me?