Why struggle to exist and survive?

This morning, I’m nearly late for work. And at the same time, I saw a lot of other pedestrians walking quickly without stopping for even one minute to appreciate the shinning morning sun. Then, I can’t stop to think: what are the purposes of these rushing people? Do they know what they really want in their lives? Do I ever ask myself the same question? Why struggle to exist and survive?

Nowadays, many’s the purpose is to consume goods and services. But, is this really good enough for us? Are you happy with having just this purpose?

Recently, a Chinese TV series called Beijing Youth is very popular among Chinese young people, in which the four brothers aged about thirties travel to several big cities and find jobs there to experience different lives, saying they are want to relive their youth once again. During that period, they make their brains bigger and smarter, their senses stronger.

We all know that one day, we will no longer be organic, so we should take the advantage of the youth time and make us stronger both in physic and psychology. Only when we are strong, we can face various difficulties in our life and know how to deal with the obstacles skillfully. And the the same time, we can find a way leading to the final success.