Would You Choose to Live with Your Parents after You Get Married?

Nowadays, more and more Chinese old people live alone in their house as their sons and daughters live far away or are not willing to with them. Recently, an investigation was launched on the Internet: Would you choose to live with your parents to take better care of them?

The result shows that less than 5% people take the answer “yes”, and almost the same number said “yes, if parents want to”, while about 50% voters are not willing to live with their parents, and another 50% people explain that they would live with parents under the circumstances that there is no other choice.

When asking those who don’t want to with their parents the reasons, some people said that they just can not have the same pace with parents. “I like to work late and oversleep in the morning but they don’t. Anyway, I am not a good model child. ” , said one netizen. In addition, there are generation gaps between young people and their seniors. They usually can not reach agreement on one issue some times and this may hurt the relationships between the parents and children, especially the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Whereas, some people would like to live with their parents very much. In that way, they can take care of each other. Our seniors have more experiences than us in life, so when we encounter some problems, they can help us analysis the situation and come up with good ideas and teach us how to conduct ourselves in society. And after they give birth to babies, their parents can help them to look after the kids.

Of course, if the condition permits, some young people would not refuse to live together with parents. For example, if they have an apartment, not a house, and they can sharing different kitchens and bathrooms. But this can be hardly achieved in today’s China.

“I would live with my parents (in-laws) under one roof, if there would be no other way to take good care of them. In any other case – I would try to keep a reasonable distance, having my privacy standards but also reachable in case of emergency or serious need.” said a young people.

What do you think of this issue? Would you choose to live with your parents after you get married?