Wuhan to Malaysia Tourist Charter is Expected to Open in March Next Year

Huang Yanyan, Tourism Minister of Malaysia made a special visit to the booth of Hubei Province in the morning of October 15, 2012, and hold a consultation on mutual interests between Director of Hubei Provincial Tourism Administration, Zhang Dahua, discussing to open the tourism charter flights and cruises between Wuhan(capital city of Hubei Province) and Malaysia, and finally reached an initial consensus.

The province’s Tourism Bureau’s vice director Hu Liming, Malaysian consul-general Hendi in Shanghai, the vice director of Malaysia’s Tourism Promotion Board Zhong Yuxia, principals of Hubei New Line of China Travel Agency and Wuhan Yangtze River Cruises Company attended the meeting.

To deepen tourism cooperations between Hubei and Malaysia, Zhang suggested to begin with tourism charter flights and later extend to international airline, and focus on cruise travel, continuously increase the depth and breadth of the cooperation in tourism At last, the two sides have agreed to hold a butt joint between the airline tourism industries of Hubei and Malaysia, and discuss some specific issues on opening tourism charter flights, striving for finishing it in March next year.