Xian Autumn Fruit-picking Map

Xian Green fig picking experience farm is located in Ziwu town at the northern foot of the Qinling mountains, which is the first parent-child experience farm themed with figs in Xian. Currently, there are 40 acres of fig orchards on the farm. It is only an hour away from Xian downtown. The golden autumn is the best for the best time of fig.

Kiwi fruit is one of the fruits that ripens at this time of year, known as the “king of vitamin C” because it contains 100 mg of vitamin C per 100g of flesh. Zhouzhi is one of the best growing areas of kiwi in Shaanxi, with large planting area, high yield, different varieties and good taste. Zhouzhi, as one of the popular places for Xian side trip, it is famous for the attraction named Shuijie(water street) that offers special entertaining activities such as suspension bridge above the river.

Dali county is rich in light and heat resources, with flat terrain, fertile soil and superior irrigation conditions, sweet and large winter jujubes are bred here. It takes about 2 hours’ drive from Xian to Dali. Besides, there are also many local delicacies in Dali.

Xian people that love to eat grape are always crazy about “Number 8 Hutai”, a very famous variety of grape. This kind are always big in size, and also has delicious and sweet flavour. Huyi district in Xian southern area is a concentrated region of grape, called “China’s first grape village”.

Lintong pomegranate is the top of the five famous pomegranates in China. A celebrated poet named Bai Juyi once wrote a poem to praise the pomegranate in Lintong. Lintong is 35 kilometers away from Xian, which is the home to Terracotta Warriors. Besides pomegranates, Lintong’s persimmon is also famous. If you come to visit this eighth wonder of the world, it won’t be a bad choice to experience picking pomegranate and (Huojing persimmon) fire crystal persimmon.