Xian Chengdu Fast Train will Open By Sep 2017

Xian and Chengdu is two of the most visited cities in China. They are not far from each other but the Qinling Mountain and Dabashan Mountain Ranges make the transportation between two cities difficult. At present the train from Xian to Chengdu costs over 10 hours. And the flight between two cities are often beyond some people’s budget.

That situation will change soon! According to authoritative information, the fast train will open on September 30th. Xian – Chengdu Fast Train Railway is the first fast train that travel through Qinling Mountain Ranges and Dabashan Mountain Ranges. The opening of Xian Chengdu Fast Train is indeed a good news for travelers. And the evaluated fast train cost are offered:

Xian – Hanzhong:  about CNY75 per person

Xian – Chengdu: about CNY220 per person

Hanzhong – Chengdu: about CNY150 per person

The fast train will benefit not only Xian Chengdu tours but also Beijing Chengdu tours. The maximum designed speed of the fast train is 250km/h. Based on that speed it will spend only about 8 hours from Beijing to Chengdu by fast train.

Let’s have a fast look what tourist could benefit from that fast train:

Visiting Terracotta Warriors and Horses on first day and Chengdu Panda Breeding and Researching Center in the morning of the next day. The tour by fast train will be much more comfortable and cheaper than by flight.

If you are food lovers, in the morning wondering in Muslim Quarter to try authentic Xian food like cold noodles, Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb or Beef Soup. And in the afternoon arrive in Chengdu to enjoy hotpot.

For people’s like country scenery, getting of at any station of Xian-Chengdu fast train you could see most special country scenery: In Huxian County see peasant painting, In Foping County try to meet pandas living in nature. It is said pandas in Foping is more lovely than them in Chengdu because pandas in Foping living in Qingling Mountain Ranges and they have more plump cheek. In Yangxian County to see Crested Ibis, that county is most loved destination for bird lovers. In Ningqiang County you could visit the Qingmuchuan Ancient Town.

Fast train connecting Xian and Chengdu has been expected for long time.Though the fast train is not open yet, lots of Xian people have already started to plan their Chengdu and Hanzhong tour during the coming National Holiday. If you want to try the fast train and want to meet some surprising things, China Xian Tour will be glad to help plan your Chengdu & Xian Tour.