Xian Famous Food in New York

Xi’an gourmet food has been a craze to be chased after in New York City.
Delicious food in Xi’an have not only conquered the nationwide tourists, attracted those come from far and near to taste, but also have begun to conquer westerners in New York.

Stand in line for noodles


In the United States, city Xi’an has set up a chain snack bar named “Xi’an Famous Foods” only by virtue of one small restaurant, which opens New Yorkers’ eyes to authentic Xi’an cuisine, such as cold rice noodles(Liangpi), Chinese hamburger(Roujiamo) and Biang Biang Noodles. Xi’an food is once again pushed to the front.

However, it can be seen from the picture that the hot Xi’an Famous Foods in New York city is not 100% authentic both for appearance and taste. If you want to taste authentic ones, come to China.

“Xi’an Famous Foods” has opened 9 branches in New York, and each of them is crowded with visitors. Recently, “Xi’an Famous Foods” is put on the list of Best Fast Food in New York by American food research organization Zagat, which proves “Xi’an Famous Foods” has shared a place in New York fast food industry. It is foreseeable that represented by “Xi’an Famous Foods” and “Panda Express”, Chinese food will be more acceptable and popular in America.