Xian Metro L4 Opened

In the end of Dec 2018, the long-expected Xian Metro L4 opened. L4 shuttles between HANG TIAN XIN CHENG to BEI KE ZHAN. Along its rout there are quiet some places of interest. If you’d like to travel Xian like local, you will probably take L4. To help with your Xian tour planning, ChinaXianTour can not wait more to share some detailed route information.

Xian Metro L4
Xian Metro L4

Stations of Xian Metro L4 – 30 stations in total

HANG TIAN XIN CHENG – HANG TIAN DONG LU – SHEN ZHOU DA DAO – DONG CHANG AN JIE – FEI TIAN LU – HANG TIAN DA DAO – JIN HU TUO – QU JIANG CHI XI – DA TANG FU RONG YUAN – DA YAN TA (close to Big Wild Goose Pagoda, can transfer to L3) – XI AN KE JI DA XUE – JIAN ZHU KE JI DA XUE – HE PING MEN – DA CHAI SHI – WU LU KOU (close to Xian Train Station where overnight train arrives/ departs, can transfer to L1) – HUO CHE ZHAN (will open when Xian Train Station expansion finished) – HAN YUAN DIAN – DA MING GONG (close to Daminggong Palace Heritage Park)– YU JIA ZHAI – BAI HUA CUN – CHANG QING LU – SHI ZHONG XIN YI YUAN – XING ZHENG ZHONG XIN – WEN JING LU – FENG CHENG JIU LU – FENG CHENG SHI ER LU – YUAN SHUO LU – BEI KE ZHAN (North Xian Railway Station where bullet train arrives/ departs).


Charge Rate of Xian Metro L4 – RMB2-8

Visit Xian by Metro if perfect for budget traveler, you will not only save cost but will experience more. We advise you change some changes, like 1 yuans, 5 yuans, 10 yuans, these are required if you buy ticket on self-service ticket machine. If you don’t have changes, no worry, you can also buy ticket at passenger service window with case. If you have WeChat/ Alipay and have money in them, congratulate! You can take Metro (all 3 Metros and most buses in Xian) simply by swiping your 2D bar code.

Taking Metro could not just save your tour cost, it’s also a great chance to see some cultural history of Xian that you won’t see above the ground because of the various eye-and-heart-catching culture walls. Here we’d like to share some of them spread in stations of Metro L4.


WU DONG SHAANXI in Bei Ke Zhan Station (North Xian Railway Station)

The culture wall takes loess plateau and Hukou Water Fall as background. The foreground is cheerful ANSAI YAOGOU, the most typical folk dance in North Shaanxi Province. The light-hearted culture wall is specially designed to welcome each visitors to Xian and Shaanxi, and to greet natives back to hometown.


WAN GUO BING ZHI in Da Ming Gong Station (Daminggong Palace Heritage Park)

Daminggong Palace is imperial palace of China in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, all the important national and international affairs were dealt with in the Palace. This culture wall was created based on the Tang-tomb mural which presents foreigner diplomatists call formal courtesy to Tang. The attire and headdress tell us they were from more than 10 different countries/tribes in East Asia, West Asia, and Europe. And there is a high ranking official from Tang treats these international visitors. How can diplomatists from West Asia and Europe travel to Changan (today’s Xian) from so afar? Silk Road helped. At that time, Silk Road is the most important and most developed route connecting China and west world.


YAN TA XIU SE in DA YAN TA STATION (Big Wild Goose Pagoda)

Big Wild Goose Pagoda locates in Da Ci En Temple which used to be imperial temple in the Tang Dynasty. The Pagoda was built to kept Buddhist sutras brought from ancient India by Master Xuanzang. Today it is a highlight tourist attraction in Xian. The Great Wall show us the overview of Big Wild Goose Pagoda.



There lies large Qujiang Pool and in summer days Qujiang Pool would be dotted with elegant beautiful lotus flower, which attracted lots of common people, officials, the nobilities, and royal family members to here. And during Lantern Festival there became sea of lanterns. The culture wall represents scene of ladies of Tang Dynasty enjoy delightful time at lantern exhibition.

(Pictures from Xian Metro Public WeChat article)