Top Things to Do in Xian

Together with Athens, Rome and Cairo, Xian is known as the four ancient capitals of the world. Starting from ancient Chang ‘an(former name of Xian) in the east, the silk road, with a total length of more than 7,000 kilometers, became the main artery of communication between China and the west for more than 1,000 years. The city seduces endless visitors to come here in purpose of learning about the history and tasting the local food. Many people may not know Xian city very well, especially for international guests, for example, they may wonder where is the most interesting place? What attractions are mostly worth going? Here is the answer.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum

Known as “the eighth wonder of the world”, the Terracotta Warriors of Qin dynasty is the brightest star in Xian’s history. When you see the well-arrayed figures in the pit, a sense of awe-inspire will spontaneously arise in your heart. More strikingly, the figures people can see now is just a tip of iceberg of the whole mausoleum, just imagine how spectacular it will be if all the underground army are unearthed!

Ancient City Wall

Many people are attracted by the magnificence of the City Wall, and are fond of taking a walk or going biking on the wall top, which is really relaxing catching a bird’s-eye view of Xian city. The Ancient City Wall was used as military defense in old time, and the total circumference of the wall is about 14 kilometers. Besides, the evening time favors your visiting most.

Xian City Wall

Muslim Quarter

Here is the paradise for food lovers. The street is full of people whether it’s day or night. You can find all kinds of local snacks while you are walking along the alleys like Beiyuanmen Street which is commercialized to a large extent. If you want to get off the beaten path to see what the locals like, there are some less-touristy alleys in the Muslim Quarter such as Sajinqiao and Miaohoujie Street.

Muslim Quarter

Shannxi History Museum

The collections in the museum are rich and exquisite, many of which are considerably precious cultural relics. It is also the first large national museum with modern facilities in China. If you plan to visit the museum, be sure to get up early or you have to queue up a long long line waiting for getting the tickets.

Shaanxi History Museum

Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the North Square

Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a masterpiece of Buddhist architecture in Tang dynasty of China. It was built to hold sutras and figurines of the Buddha brought to China from India by the Buddhist translator and travelers Xuanzang. North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda is around the pagoda. It’s a good place for local people to entertain or relax themselves in the spare time. Besides, there is also the largest music fountain show in the Asia even in the world, which is especially fabulous in the evening.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Puppet Show in Gao Family Yard

Located in the Beiyuanmen Street in the Muslim Quarter, the Gao Family Yard has experienced a hundred years of vicissitudes and is one of the most complete residential courtyards in Xian city. Now it is a good place to see folk performances – Puppet Show.

Shadow Puppet Show

Mountain Huashan

Mt. Huashan, located in 120 kilometers east of the provincial capital Xian. There are Plank Walk and Yaozi Turnover, two unique scenic spots in Huashan, but are truly risky and not suitable for everyone. Overall, The steep paths, breathtaking crags, beautiful scenery are incredibly worth a shot.

Mt. Huashan

The Tang Paradise

The Tang Paradise, located beside the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, is the first large-scale, royal garden-style cultural theme park in China, which displays the features of the prosperous Tang dynasty. Do remember to see the Tang dynasty music and dance show performed here.

The Tang Paradise