Xian Weather

Brief introduction

Xi’an locates at a warm temperate zone with a semi-humid continental monsoon climate. The different four seasons have a distinct appearance in a year. Summer is hot and wet with much rain, winter is cold and dry with less rain or snow, while spring and autumn are warm but likely to have continuous rainy days.

The Hottest days are usually in July and last for 2 weeks. In the past few years, the 2-week hottest days were above 40℃ and the coldest days in January with the average low temperature around 0℃. The annual average temperature is about 13.5℃.

In a whole year, Xi’an has a moderate rainfall with 550-700mm average precipitation. There is rain in spring, summer and autumn and snow in winter for you to enjoy. Xi’an will not let you feel bored with its distinct seasons.

Of course there are the best times in Xi’an for people to have a visit. With the mild weather condition, March to May and September to October are the two glory time to enjoy the beauty of the ancient city. Click here to find more information and advice on how to choose a good time for Xian tour.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Climate Feature of Each Season

The temperature in spring rises quickly but hardly keeps steady. “Suddenly warm and suddenly return cold” is easy to happen. Therefore, considering the fluctuated weather here in this season, thick coats or sweaters are in need according to the average temperature of 8℃ in March, light jackets or sweaters is suitable in April as its average temperature is 14℃ and a light T-shirt is recommended in May because its average temperature is 19℃. Generally, spring is a good time for people to visit all kinds of scenic sites, especially the middle and late spring, apart from the in-door attractions which could be visited at any time, the ones in the open air is waiting for a visit as it is in a glory time, such as Mount. Hua and Louguantai Wild Animals Rescuing and Raising Research Center in Zhouzhi County.

Rainy days and high temperature are the typical features of summer in Xi’an with the average temperature keeping at around 30℃. It is easy to start raining and even storm in summer but it also ends soon. Umbrella is necessary to prevent sunlight or rainfall when doing outdoor activities. Considering the hot weather, the in-door attractions like Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Shaanxi History Museum and Tang Dynasty Show are good choices. Of course, out-door attractions during this time also are beautiful and attractive like Mount. Hua. Considering the changing weather on summer days, tourists are suggested to bring an umbrella or raincoat on touring days. When taking the Mt Huashan tour, not only the raincoat but also a piece of long sleeve jacket is needed to protect you from strong sunlight or coldness after the sudden rain.

Xian City Wall

In this season, it is mild and humid as well as a little bit cool because the temperature drops and the rainfall rise. So the umbrella is also recommended in autumn in Xi’an and light jackets and sweaters as well as long-sleeve T-shirts are good for travel or going outside. With the fair climate condition, September and October become a high season for travelling. The attractions like Huaqing Hot Spring, City Wall receive lots of tourists every day.

Like most northern China cities, Xi’an is cold and dry in winter. Of course that doesn’t mean the city is not worthy of a visit in winter. Xi’an in winter has different beauty from other seasons. It takes a solemn and silent face which shows its old, historical and elegant charm. Bell and Drum Tower Square and Big Wild Goose Pagoda could be good options for visiting. A thick winter coat and sweater are essential for people traveling to Xian.