Drum Tower (Gulou)

Reviews on Drum Tower (Gulou)

Visitor 1: “Must see at night!”
The lighting is mesmerising and can be seen from a distance! You can also go up for a view (we dint). Even better walk to the Muslim quarter right behind it for some fresh local street food which is amazing – do not miss!

Visitor 2: “quite a set of drums!”
the tower in itself is beautiful with a great view on the Muslim quarter nearby and the surrounding town from the first (or the second depending where you come from) floor. The drums are spectacular. and if you are lucky you can be treated to a drum concert.

Visitor 3: “See the show!”
Get the double ticket for the drum and bell towers. Time your visit to take in the performance. It is short but worth seeing. If you go from one tower straight to the other, the performances are staggered, so you can fit both in.

Drum Tower

Visitor 4: “Great place to visit”
Buy combined ticket for drum tower and bell tower and save money! Very interesting inside and out, lots of drums in the inner museum. Drum show on at certain times of the day, sit down early to secure a seat otherwise stand. Lots of steps as usual in China!

View from outside at night time, absolutely stunning lit up. Muslim street entrance at the back of Drum Tower.

Visitor 5: “A Drum Tower to fire the imagination”
The Drum Tower is a significant feature of the wall surrounding the old city of XiÁn. Along with the wall and the Bell Tower it is incredibly well preserved and an ornament to the builders and craftsmen of the time. Just imagine life in XiÁn at the time it was built and what the Bell Tower has witnessed over hundreds of years. For those interested in history, both of China and of the development of our culture XiÁn is a must as it is one of the World’s most important cultural nurseries.

Visitor 6: “Lovely tower, great views, lots to see”
Similarly set out and designed to the Bell Tower, yet is worth visiting in it’s own right to see the different displays and artifacts. We were there in time to see a small group playing several of the drums – which was interesting. There is a large hall full of historic furnishings, set up similar to how rooms looked in the Empire’s history. Signs ask not to take photos, and the hall is kept quite dark anyway. Interesting souvenir shop at the end of this hall too. Worth spending an hour or two at the Drum Tower.

Drum Tower

Visitor 7: “Interesting Exhibits”
The building also serves as a museum and contains some interesting and attractive items of traditional furniture and decoration. Unfortunately, the poor and inadequate lighting does not do justice to the exhibits, which deserve better treatment.

Visitor 8: “Great to see at night”
Our Guide took us to get a traditional Chinese foot massage.(highly recommended.) We took a pedal cab through the streets of Xi’an and the sight of the drum tower opposite the bell tower was truly impressive. Not sure it is worth an entire visit but it’s surely a show stopper.

Visitor 9: “Great from outside and why not visit inside”
As everyone said, it’s great from outside, especially the night with the very new style illuminations (not just light spots, but colors on specific architectural elements). From inside, you get the feeling of the building, you participate to the monument. The objects inside are furniture and drums with Chinese-only explanations. If you don’t care about the entry price I would suggest to go, if your budget is limited then it’s up to you.