Huifang Style Street (Muslim Quarter)

Reviews on Huifang Style Street (Muslim Quarter)

Visitor 1: “Very busy, exciting street”
A very busy but exciting street. Food stalls everywhere. Trinkets and small items for sale. Well worth the visit. Trying to find somewhere to sit down can be challenging. I would do this again.

Visitor 2: “Fascinating… but exhausting.”
There’s all kinds of local food to try, there are a lot of souvenirs to buy. It’s a little overwhelming because there are a lot of people shouting, little mopeds honking and even cars trying to get through. Nonetheless a trip well worth it, a must when visiting Xi’an. But you will need some rest afterwards.

Muslim Quarter

Visitor 3: “Nothing great.”
Wondered around, found a few gifts & souvenirs, did not want to try the food as we are vegetarians, you have to be careful when you go shopping as unless you know the art of bargaining, one can get cheated. The same item will have different prices in different shops. Some shopkeepers are very good, but some can turn out to be real nasty. As tourists it was a new experience.

Visitor 4: “Great Place to eat and go shopping”
This street is in the Muslim Quarter which has street vendors who sell food and souvenirs. The food is local Chinese with a several Middle Eastern and Muslim restaurants. At night the place comes alive as locals and tourists wander through the streets meeting friends, having dinner or buying gifts. The smells are intoxicating and the flavor of the food is spectacular.

Visitor 5: “Fascinating local culture”
Visit the Muslim Street in Xian. A place to overdose the senses if not particularly shop. Again a great place to capture some pictures of the ‘locals’ at work and play.

Muslim Quarter

Visitor 6: “Enjoy the local Musiem quarter”
The more than 1000 years old the local Muslim street where you can see the hundred small shops to sell the crafts from the all of the China, the extoic Muslim foods like the BBQ, the Jiasan soap dumpimgs houes, and fried squid fish, quail eggs, steam rice. The paradise for the gastronomes to try the local food and fun hunting bargaining place.