How does Wanhuashan (Ten Thousand Flower Hill) look like?

Ranging some 20 kilometers away to the southeast of Yan’an City it towers over 1,500 meters above the sea level. Covering an area around 70 hectares the hill is spread with lushly growing trees and many kinds of rare plants and flowers. The “Peony Garden” features a scene if over b30,000 wild peonies in it and so the hill is again call the “Peony Hill.” Besides, there are such scenic spots as the “Tomb for Hua Mulan” and some others.

The means of transportation for going there is the same as mentioned above, i.e. to go there by bus from Xi’an to Yan’an (on board the bus from the bus station at Changle Road Middle) to cover a distance of around 350 kilometers or by train from Xi’an to Yan’an. And on the way you can visit the Pagoda Hill and Yangjialing and Zaoyuan, the former sites of Chinese revolution in Yan’an.

Wanhua Mountain