The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

Reviews on the Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

Visitor 1: “Genuinely awesome”
It is hard to add anything new to the reviews of this site. We were impressed by the artifacts themselves, and by the care being taken by the archaeologist in the excavations and display. We made a journey from Beijing to Xi’an to see this site, and would recommend a stay in the city for anyone interested in the art of the ancient world.

Visitor 2: “Unbelievable”
The Chinese do a great job of preserving and showcasing this national treasure. The amount of statues is unbelievable and the different museums do a good job of explaining. You can get pretty close to them also! The surrounding town and a lot of neat shops and good food too. Takes a while to see everything but it is worth it.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Visitor 3: “Really nice but a bit crouded”
Its amazing to see all the reconstructed Terra Cotta warriors. There are tons of people so taking pictures is somewhat of a challenge. I do recommend using the picture service that they have where they allow you to take pictures with a model of the Terra Cotta Army. Very reasonably priced for the memory.

Visitor 4: “Not to miss the exhibits inside the Bronze Chariots Part”
Other than visiting the three must-see excavation pits. The chamber next to the exhibit of bronze chariots has a display of some artifacts really worth seeing. they include stone Armour, stone helmet, especially visitors may stand up close to the terra cotta status. Together on display are some tiles, bricks, building materials such as drainage pipes, they were all found in the area nearby the Qin emperor’s mausoleum. Many of those tiles and bricks had the name of those workers marked as well. Once coming to visit Terra Cotta Warriors, please do not just rush to see the three pits, spend another 15 minutes to see all the exhibitions inside the bronze chariots chamber will make the visit more interesting. Visitor 5: “World treasure and testiment to the people” This amazing site being only a quarter of the army buried with the ruler, is beautifully presented in a covered and atmospheric setting. 360 degree viewing is available from the elevated walkways, ok there are a lot of people about however there is no time constraint and it is a huge space with no problem to get a good and view and photographs Facilities at the site are first rate toilets and cafe’s Each warrior is modeled on an individual you get a feel not only for the powerful ruler they protect but for the Miriads of “little people ” who made it possible.

Visitor 5: “The amazing army of Emperor Qin’s Terra Cotta Warriors”
The sheer scale of the fighting force and the thoughtful design of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s army that was to protect him in the afterlife, staggers the imagination. These are just some of the thoughts that strike one as one tours the extensive Xi’an compound that houses the thousands of Terra Cotta Warriors.

The face of each fighter and his armor are slightly different. Imagine the artistry and workmanship responsible for the production of thousands of such warrior figures several thousand years ago. Since most of the figures were destroyed by subsequent dynasties it is a painstaking research effort to excavate and find each missing piece and reassemble each figure correctly; a process that will take an inordinately long time to complete.

The excavations are covered by huge museum buildings that are designed to accommodate the large numbers of tourists eager to see the site first hand. The exhibits are carefully laid out and represent a wonderful research resource. Be prepared for a lengthy walk when touring the various sites.

Do not be deterred by the fact that this site is overrun with tourists. It is a significant piece of history that is worth seeing for yourself. The entire museum and all of the displays overwhelm the senses.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Visitor 6: “Worth the price of the whole trip!”
This was sooo amazing! All three buidlings were huge. This place is modern and kept up well. As you are leaving you will find all kinds of vendors and the prices are CHEAP if you negotiate. We got a book about the place for 25Y. You can have your picture taken with the founder of the Warriors for 20Y and you can buy his book and have it signed for 125Y so I was pleased that I didn’t buy the book til I got to the last vendor on the right before we got to our bus. Also don’t pay more than 10Y for the whole set of 2 inch warriors.

Visitor 7: “World Heritage Site is a must-see”
The story and artistic craftsmanship behind these famous soldiers is intriguing and amazing. We had a Viking guide with audio feed and enjoyed a wealth of history and information. All the exhibit buildings are large and laid out well for handling crowds of tourists, both foreign and domestic, but seeing everything requires a good measure of walking. Skip the movie, it’s poor quality and just so-so. The gift shop is brimming with great finds– couldn’t resist sending home a warrior for ourselves!

It’s also interesting that the old farmer’s market has been rebuilt and relocated to accommodate future plans for the Warrior Museum. When you exit the Museum, you are required to walk back to the parking lot by passing through the newly-constructed marketplace, lined by stalls offering every kind of trinket and souvenir.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Visitor 8: “This is why we came to Xi’an !”
This is one of the most amazing sights in all of China with the exception of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. The forbidden city is much more elaborate and the Great Wall can be seen an many place all over China, the site is one of a kind and that is why you come to Xi’an. I should not even be writing a review for this. What can I say that has not be said before? This is the only place in the world one can see anything like this and some place we all dreamed of seeing first hand. Now we have.

Visitor 9: “Terracotta soldiers up close”
I had been looking forward to seeing this wonder and was not disappointed . I did not realise the army had been destroyed soon after construction by the following regime and is therefor a huge restoration project rather than just an archaelogical exercise. Each soldier is the result of a painstaking restoration like a giant 3d is awe inspiring and a sight worth seeing.

The highlight however was seeing, and having our picture taken with Mr Yang who first discovered the Terracotta Army. He signed our book and for a small fee agreed to a photo.

Visitor 10: “Qin Emperor Madness Terra Cotta Army
Among most all of the tourist attraction in China,I would say this is one of the best and is a must not miss ! Long great history of Chinese civilization back in few thousands year ago. The best is accompany by tour guide and its only RMB150 and they’ll explain from A-Z if not its gonna be very bored if you’re not interested with Chinese ancient history.