Enjoy Qinqiang Opera – Unique Shannxi folk Art

Qinqiang Opera is traditional opera in northwest China, and is one of the national intangible cultural heritages. Mr. Jia Pingwa, a famous Chinese writer, said in his novel the Abandoned Capital, “eight hundred li of Qinchuan land, 30 million people roar Qinqiang.” He also mentioned that Qinqiang is a wonderful work in the Chinese opera garden.

Qingqiang Opera

Speaking of its history, Qinqiang was flourished in the period of Qing dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795), Qinqiang was at its peak. At that time, there were many Qinqiang opera troupes in many places of China, and altogether 36 troupes in Xian exclusively. Qinqiang characterizes in many contents of the performance, such as language, singing tune, music, roles, unique techniques, instruments, dress-up and costumes.

Founded in 1912, Xian Yisushe Grand Theater is recognized as one of the three oldest drama clubs in the world. The other two are Moscow Grand Theater and British Royal Theater. On the eve of the Xian Incident(1936), in order to puzzle senior officials who followed Chiang kai-shek, Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng arranged two Qinqiang Opera performances in Yisushe. Thus the theater once played an important role in China’s revolutionary history. In you leisure time, sit in Yisushe theater where to listen to the strong and unique melody of northwest, which is quite a special cultural experience and interesting Thing To Do in Xian.

Traffic: get off the bus or subway line 2 at Zhonglou Station.