Shadow Puppet and Chinese Calligraphy

Shadow puppet originated in Guanzhong area (around Xian) in the Western Han dynasty. However, since the late 1980s, this folk art has been on the wane, with fewer and fewer old artists and fewer young people willing to learn and inherit the treasure. In order to revive its former glory and disseminate it among more people, Xian Museum has set up a base of traditional culture inheritance in the north gate of Small Wild Goose Pagoda(Xiaoyanta), and put up a stage in the garden. It has also officially hired some masters to perform shadow puppetry of various genres of drama.

Shadow Puppet

The shadow puppetry performing hall is located in a prominent position in the garden, which consists of two floors with the accommodation of 100 people at the same time. The environment there is also simple and comfortable.

Small Wild Goose Pagoda

Apart from the shadow puppetry performance, Xiaoyanta also showcases other non-material cultural arts such as paper cutting, clay figurine, seal carving, clay xun performance, and hand-made oil-paper umbrellas. Visitors can extra experience the hand-rubbing inscriptions and Chinese calligraphy learning to feel the charm of traditional culture. Roaming in the courtyard of Xian Museum, visitors are always immersed in this elegant space, with accompanied by water, bamboo, flowers, birds and especially a sense of tranquility.

Shadow Puppet Show