Baxianan Taoist Temple

Chinese Name in Pinyin: Ba Xian An (Ba Xian Gong)

Baxianan Taoist Temple locates at east side of inner City Wall. It is the most completely preserved Taoist temple in Xian. Since its establishment in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the temple was enlarged and repaired in may dynasties. And today this temple roll the function of religion, culture, and tourism into one. The gentlest environment and rich culture content of the temple attracted lots of domestic tourists and Taoist followers, and also some international tourists. Each first day and 15th day of lunar month the temple holds temple fair.

In Taoist culture, there are eight immortals. And Taoist followers believe that temple is the meeting place of Lv Dongbing and Zhong Hanli, two of the eight immortals. The name of Baxianan means Taoist Temple of the Eight Immortals. So the name of the temple reveals its importance in Taoists’ mind. In 1900, when the Eight Power Allied Force invaded Beijing, the capital of China at that time, the Empress Dowager (the last real governor of the Qing Dynasty) and Emperor Guangxu abandoned the imperial palace (today’s Forbidden City) and seek refuge in Xian. During their stay in Xian, they donated an amount of money to the temple. Since that time, Baxianan Temple became much more well known.

Nowadays Baxianan Temple covers an area of 110mu and has three main courtyards in total. At the entrance of the temple gate there are two brick memorial arches built in the late Qing Dynasty. And to each side of the inner gate there is Drum Tower and Bell Tower respectively. And in the main hall of the 3rd main courtyard there is a tablet hanging on the door head which says “Dong Tian Yun Ji”. These characters were written by the Empress Dowager. The temple fair on April 14th-16th of lunar calendar each year is the largest and most interesting. All the eight immortals have their statues in the temple and are fended by Taoist followers. The halls most worthy of seeing are Lingguan Hall, Baxian Hall (Hall of the eight immortals), Douao Hall, Lvzu Hall, Yaowang Hall (Hall of Medicine Master), Qiuzu Hall (Hall of father of Taoism), etc.

If one say “I have no interest in that temple because I am not a Taoist” , he will miss some interesting thing in Xian.Out side of Baxianan Temple, there are many shops and street stands selling Taoist offerings and Taoism related booking. Beside these tings, many little articles of virtu can be find in Ditans (stall with goods spread out on the ground for sale). Most of them are fake ones or only daily life objects left from old days but they are indeed interesting. If one is good at bargain, with only less than 100 yuan he will by several doodads. And the street to the temple is also a ideal place to see one more faces of Xian.

If you are seeking for more facts of Xian city, Baxianan Temple is definitely a highly recommended place.

Opening time: 09:00-18:00

Entrance Fee: CNY5 per person

Public transportation: Jishiguai Stop of Bus No. 102, 43, 27, 203, etc.

Other sites nearby: City Wall (Enter from East Gate), Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Muslim Quarter, Grand Mosque