Cuihua Mountain

Cuihua Mountain is popular among Chinese people for beautiful natural scenery and being suit for hiking. As a branch of Qinling Mountain Ranges, it locates 23 km south to downtown Xian with an altitude of 2132 meters. It is regarded as an ideal summer resort for local people.

As early as in the Qin Dynasty (221BC-207BC), Cuihua Mountain is circled as the imperial hunting area. It is said First Qin Emperor used to hunt in the mountain. In the West Han Dynasty(202BC-7AD), the Emperor Wudi used to perform regular worship to heaven here. And in the Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD), Emperor Taizong ordered Cuihua Mountain as the imperial summer resort. When hiking in the mountain one may meet the Taiyi Palace and Cuiwei Palace, which were the worshiping and amusement spot for emperors and officials in ancient times. In 1992 the mountain got the name Zhongnanshan National Forest Park. And nowadays the mountain is listed as one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Xian.

Cuihua Mountain

Walking in the mountain, one will witness large scale landslip land form, Pure mountain lake, and different plants at different altitude. And you may pass by some abandoned farmers’ huts. Climbing the mountain in summer one will feel the vegetation difference remarkably. At mountain foot there are broad leaved plants and on mountain top it is meadows! on the way to mountain top tourists will meet some scarce flowers. Standing on mountain top one will see two distinct landscapes: grassland on southern slop and trees on northern slop. And having lunch and chatting with partners while appreciating mountain top scenery will be excellent experience. The cool wind on mountain top will refresh exhausted hikers.

In summer half year Cuihua Mountain treats tourists will attractive and cool mountainous scenery. When winter falls, the mountain will become the paradise for snow skating lovers. The Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Xian. The ski resort lies at the mountain waist with an altitude of 1400 meters. It is 800 meters long and 70 meters wide. There are specific skifield for both old-hand and green-hand. All equipment needing for skiing are ready in here: ski board, ski stick, ski ring, and ski bob, etc. In the morning the coach would give ski lesson for one hour for free.

Cuihua Mountain

Entrance fee(Mountain): March-November RMB75 per person; December- February RMB45 per person

Cost for Ski: Check on real time

Opening hours: 08:00-17:30

Public transportation: Bus 905 in downtown Xian

Tips for Cuihua Mountain Visiting:

  • Recommended departing time in Xian is 07:00-08:00 so tourists could finish the mountain visit before evening. Hiking in the mountain will last 4-6 hours.
  • No restaurant in mountain, please prepare lunch and water in advance.
  • Mountain scenery in summer half year is excellent. Please take the chance to take some photos.
  • Only very simple toilet available in scenic area and the sanitary condition is far less pleasant.