Song of Everlasting Sorrow Show in Xi’an

Song of Ever Lasting Sorrow is originally a poem by Bai Juyi, one of the greatest poets in the middle Tang Dynasty. Artists in Xian created the Everlasting Sorrow Performance according to the poem based on the study of the Tang Dynasty music art. The show is performed daily from April to Oct. as long as the weather is good.

The performance is staged in Huaqing Hot Spring Scenic Area on the open-air stage with Mount Lishan, and artificial buildings and lakes as background. The complete performance lasts 70 minutes and falls into ten chapters.

  • Location: 38 Huaqing Road, Lintong District, Xi’an City, inside Huaqing Palace.
  • Ticket price: from CNY 238 per person
  • Show Times: 18:30-19:40; 19:55-21:05; 21:20-22:30


Everlasting Sorrow Performance Xian
Everlasting Sorrow Performance Xian

Storyline of the Song of Everlasting Sorrow Show

In prologue, the young Lady Yang dance with music among lotus flowers. Lady Yang is selected into imperial palace and fall in love with the Emperor Xunazong at first sight. So Lady Yang was luckily conferred concubine of the Emperor and Xuanzong help conferring ceremony for Lady Yang.

In chapter two, the Emperor Xuanzong and Lady Yang is spending romantic time under moonlight. They whispering, dancing and swearing their constant love to each other.

In chapter three, Lady Yang is taking a bath in the Huaqing Hot Spring. Being surrounded by imperial maids and protected from people’s sight by a layer of gossamer, the femine figure of Lady Yang is gleaming.

In chapter four, General An Lushan who stations in northwest frontier is back to Chang’an to visit Emperor Xuanzong and Lady Yang. During banquet, the General danced Tartar Dance. The tarter dance and roaring of the General makes all other dancers cannot help but to dance the Tartar dance, too. And the head master of the nation, Emperor Xunzong also participates in the dancing.

In chapter five, Lady Yang spends the extravagant and dissipated court life. The slightly drunk lady after banquet or after drinking with the Emperor presents looks beautiful and charming.

In chapter six, at foot of the Mount Lishan, the Emperor Xunzong and Lady Yang enjoy dance and music show in Pear Garden. Later, Lady Yang begins to dance to the music. And then the Emperor Xuanzong definitely gets lost in the dance of his sweetheart.

In chapter seven, the Emperor Xuanzong holds birthday party for his sweetheart and feast governmental officials at the Immortality Palace. Lady Yang dance for her beloved man and the officials. And the composition played by the Emperor Xuanzong lead the party to its peak time.

Xian Everlasting Sorrow Performance
Xian Everlasting Sorrow Performance

Too much affection to Lady Yang makes the Emperor Xunaong fall into land of warmth and tenderness and so he forgets his primary duty: national politics and national peace. It is just his too much attention to Lady Yang what ends his life as the head master of the nation.

In chapter eight, General An Lushan revolts. The invading troops stops the emperor’s dream with Lady Yang, set fires on the paradise of the love birds, and drives the emperor and his beloved Lady Yang off the imperial palace.

In chapter nine, the Emperor Xunzong escapes from imperial palace with Lady Yang. The soldiers all believe it is Lady Yang who lead to the disaster and threaten Xuanzong that only if he kill Lady Yang they will continue defending the Emperor. Xunzong has no other choice but kill his beloved lady with white silk.

In chapter ten, the soul of the Emperor Xuanzong rise onto moon and meets Lady Yang at the palace on moon. The two love birds dance in the palace on moon and express their everlasting love and sorrow.

Tips for Watching the Show

  • It is recommended to avoid weekends and peak summer periods, as they tend to be crowded and tickets may be limited.
  • Considering the significant temperature differences between day and night in early summer and late autumn, it is recommended to check the weather in advance and prepare thick clothes accordingly.

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