Foping Panda Valley

Pandas, as the cutest national treasures, impress all people with their irresistible beauty and loveliness. Regarding the nearest place to see pandas from Xi’an, one of the most recommended places is the Foping Panda Valley in the core area of Shaanxi Foping National Nature Reserve. The other one is the Louguantai Wild Animal Center.

Besides the panda bases in Sichuan, the Foping Panda Valley is another training base for wild panda rehabilitation (the only one in Shaanxi Province) which is a lost hometown of pandas. Pandas in Si Chuan look like bears while the pandas in Qinling of Shaanxi look like cats which are more beautiful and are honored as “beauty in national treasures”.

Pandas in Foping Panda Valley
Pandas in Foping Panda Valley


Location of the Foping Panda Valley

The Panda Valley is in the core area of Shaanxi Foping National Nature Reserve which is dedicated to protecting pands and other wildlife species. It is located at the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains, in the northeast of Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. The valley is about 20 km from Foping County, and about 170 km from Xi’an City.

Useful Travel Information

  • Location:20 kilometers north of Foping County in Hanzhong City, adjacent to National Highway 108.
  • Opening hours:8:00-18:00 (Nov. – Dec.); 8:30-17:30 (Jan. – Oct.)
  • Entrance fee:CNY 50 per person (Mar. – Nov.); CNY 35 per person (Dec. – Feb.)

What to See in the Valley?

Foping , the northernmost habitat of pandas on the earth, is honored as “a place where has best hope for pandas to survive and multiply “.

The distribution density of Foping pandas in the wild is the biggest in the whole country. In the central area of the reserve administration, there is a panda in each 2.5 square kilometers on average (0.4/ Of course, these wild pandas is not so easy to see. Foping pandas are certified as Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis. Compared with Sichuan pandas, Qinlin pandas, with their round head, looking more like cats, are more beautiful.

Covering an area of 1918.2 hectares, it has become a charming tourist destination thanks to the rare wild animals and plants and stunning natural landscapes of mountains, canyons, springs, clouds, forests, and strange rocks.

Scenery in Foping Panda Valley
Scenery in Foping Panda Valley

The valley is relatively uncrowded, offering visitors ample opportunities to witness giant pandas in their natural habitat and capture many of their delightful moments while wandering around their living areas.

Beyond pandas, the valley is also a paradise for many other rare wildlife and plants, including 13 species of first-level protected animals like takins and golden monkeys, and 39 species of second-level protected animals.

A golden monkey in Foping Panda Valley
A golden monkey in Foping Panda Valley

About the Foping Nature Reserve Administration

Shaanxi Foping National Nature Reserve is located in Lu Ban Village, Foping Town, at the southern foot of the Qingling Mountains, towering at 2,904 meters above sea level. Thanks to its staggering altitude difference, the reserve boasts an impressive biodiversity, hosting 1,580 species of plants and 265 species of animals.

The primary mission of the Foping National Nature Reserve is to protect pandas and other wildlife, along with their forest habitats. Recognized on a global scale, the reserve is a member of “The World Network of Human and Biosphere Protected Zones” and has been certified with the prestigious “Green Globe 21” designation.

Among about two thousand natural protection zones in China, Foping National Nature Reserve stands out as one of the three directly governed by the central government, and has been acknowledged as a typical biodiversity hotspot.


How to Get to the Foping Panda Valley from Xi’an

By Train:

You can take a high-speed train from Xi’an North Railway Station to Foping which will take about 50 minutes and cost about CNY 56. There are direct buses to Panda Valley from Foping Train Station exit, costing about CNY 20 per person for a round trip.


1. Xi’an—Xi Han highway—Foping exit—the scenic spot

2. Xi’an—Xi Han highway—Lao Yu Kou—Guanzhong loop line—Mazhao—Black river forest park—Ban fang zi— the scenic spot

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