Huxian Peasant Paintings

Huxian peasant painting is an important folk painting in Gunazhong Plain. The first peasant paintings were born in the 1950s, and from the 1970s on, peasant painters in Huxian County committed to improving their painting skills so the peasant paintings became increasingly delicate. Since the 1970s, Huxian peasant painting has been gradually known across China. Now Huxian is one of the most influential hometowns of peasant painting in China and also the model of the national country cultural construction program.

 History & Development of Huxian Peasant Painting

In the past 40 years, local peasant painters have worked in farming fields in the busy farming season and enjoyed their leisure painting time at home in the slack season, and they have created 30 thousand works. Among the 30 thousand works, 428 pieces of them wan domestic art exhibitions, and more than 4000 pieces were exhibited overseas on invitation. In the Great Hall of the People at Tiananmen Square and other public places, Huxian peasant paintings are also painted to promote the national spirit and traditional virtue.

Huxian Peasant Paintings
Huxian Peasant Paintings

Main Subjects of Huxian Peasant Paintings

Subjects of Peasant paintings in Huxian are mainly person figures, domestic animals and plants. The peasant painters could always create paintings to show their dreamful hometown in old days which full of pastoral scene. The paintings are painted with traditional ink and writing brush but full of imagination. The striking color contrast, brilliant colors, and exaggerated visual impact always impress visitors very much.

With the development of society, peasant painters endow Huxian Peasant paintings with more themes. In the past, the peasant painting committed to reflect looking of villages in countryside and farmers daily life. The famous paintings of those themes include Commune Fish Pound, Chicken Farm, and Wheat Harvest, etc. Even only from the painting titles we could imagine the content and image of the paintings.

Nowadays the peasant paintings have wider ranges of themes. Any items in daily life could be the inspiration of paintings. The wider ranges themes give peasant paintings more energy. With the carried out of national cultural construction program, peasant paintings is know by more and more people as the carrier of traditional Chinese virtue.

Xian Huxian Peasant Paintings
Huxian Peasant Paintings

Where to Admire the Huxian Peasant Paintings

Visit the Peasants’ Family

Galleries of peasant painters are usually set in their home. Paying a visit to a peasant gallery one will appreciate the unpretending folk art and also see the current situation of country life of modern Chinese peasant. After the visiting time in gallery in the morning, upon request the family will treat visitors with authentic farmhouse dishes at noon. The dishes may are much less delicious than the ones in restaurant and hotel, but tourists will have the most authentic country tour experience.

If one wants to learn more about current country life, a visit to local primary school will enable you to talk with local pupils face to face and learn about the current education situation in countryside. Although the language barrier will obstruct the communication, the breakdown simple English vocabulary will express their friendliness to all visitors. In opposite of the primary school gate is the large pieces of farmland in which wheat are grown. Taking a walk along the edge of farmland to breathe the freshest air and see Chinese traditional farming method will be unforgettable experience in ones country tour.

Visit Huxian Peasant Painting Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall is located at No. 14 Hua Zhan Street, Huxian County, Xi’an City, Shaanxi. Established in 1976, the exhibition hall has 8 halls displaying over 200 representative peasant paintings. Also, it functioned as a place for the farmers to learn the painting, promote the peasant paintings, and expand the team of authors.

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