The Guanshan Pastureland

Guanshan Pastureland (or Guanshan Grassland) is located in the southwest of Long County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, which is adjacent to Zhangjiachuan Hui Autonomous County in Tianshui City to the west. Featuring a unique European charm and a rich tapestry of natural landscapes, it is the only mountain meadow attraction around Xi’an. A visit here will reward you with picturesque scenery of forests, grasslands, rivers, mountains, and canyons, which blends seamlessly with the rustic simplicity, earning it the moniker “Little Tianshan Mountain“. It is the right place for people who want to experience horse riding during their trip to Xi’an.

Guanshan Grassland
Guanshan Grassland

Best Time to Visit

May to October is the top recommended time to travel to Guanshan Pasture when the weather is pleasant, and the scenery is at its most beautiful. In May, it will change into a sea of flowers when the wildflowers are in full blossom. June to August is its liveliest time of year when the grass grows lush. September to October is the best time to enjoy barbecues here when the livestock on the pasture are in their best condition.

Top Things to Do

Experience Horse Riding

Guanshan Pasture is a place brimming with natural beauty and nomadic culture. Here you can immerse yourself in the charm of nomadic culture on horseback. Most horses are well-trained to suit visitors of all ages. Don’t need to worry even if you have never tried horse riding before. There are professional instructors and horses to ensure your safety and comfort.

Try Grassland BBQ

How delightful it is when you sit with your families or friends on the vast grassland, grilling delicious food while admiring the magnificent natural scenery! Another recommended activity at Guanshan Grassland is to rent BBQ equipment and enjoy outdoor grilling.

BBQ on Guanshan Grassland
BBQ on Guanshan Grassland

Enjoy Hiking Adventure

There are many undeveloped micro-attractions and pristine forests around the grassland. Trekking through these forests is an excellent choice for hiking enthusiasts, allowing full experience of its natural beauty. Every trail will offer you unique scenery.

Alternatively, you can simply wander around the surrounding grasslands, enjoy the azure sky, clouds, verdant meadows, and herds of cattle and sheep, as if walking into a beautiful painting.

Trekking in Guanshan Pasture
Trekking in Guanshan Pasture

Travel Tips for Guanshan Grassland

  • Don’t get too close when taking photos with cattle and horses to avoid being attacked.
  • Please note that you may encounter cattle and horse dung on the grassland.
  • Bring a jacket and mosquito repellent in advance.

How to get to 

The grassland is about 134 kilometers away from Baoji City and 300 kilometers from Xi’an, to get to there, you can:

  • Take a long-distance bus from Xi’an Bus Station to Long County Bus Station, then take a taxi to the scenic area.
  • Take a high-speed train from Xian Railway Station to Baoji Railway Station, then take a taxi to the grassland.
  • Join a one-day Xi’an tour which allows you the most convenience.