The Mausoleum for the Yellow Emperor

The Mausoleum for the Yellow Emperor is as said the one for Xuanyuan, the earliest ancestor of the Chinese nation. It is located on the Qiaoshan Hill in the north of the county seat of Huangling to the south of Yan’an, Shaanxi Province.

According to the ” Biographic Sketches of Five Kings in Records of the Historian,” the Yellow Emperor is the son of Shaoqu, surnamed Gongsun and Xuanyuan his first name. ” On the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month he was born some 5,000 years ago at the Subduing Dragon Gorge, Zuyuan Pass by the riverside of the Zu on the northwest loess plateau of the Chinese soil. It was because of this there came with a saying that on the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month the dragon raised its head which was considered to be something auspicious on the lips of the Chinese people.

Mausoleum for the Yellow Emperor

The loess plateau is broad and flat, simple and honest, vast and deep with rich and thick yet yellow soil. The yellow is the very color of the each, symbolizing auspicious happiness. It is greatly appreciated and valued by the ancients. The earth is the center of the five elements, on which all living beings depend for living and Xuanyuan assumed the King of the people thanks to his virtue of the earth, hence addresses as “Huangdi.”

Noted in the ancient record are the Three Emperors and Five Kings. Among them, Xuanyuan ranks the first of the three emperors and also the first of the five Kings. In the late period of Yandi when the society was in chaotic state, Xuanyuan staged an assault at Yandi and with the slogan for virtue and morality he called on the people to rise and defeated Yandi at Banquan. Taking the place of Yandi he styled himself the son of the heaven and went on to defeat Chiyou in the area of Zhulu, thereby putting all end to the wars in ancient times and unified the whole country. This is the very first country with only one ruler on the Chinese soil. Elected the first emperor of the Chinese nation China set out on the road of civilization from the very moment onwards. The kings of Tang Yao, Yu Shun and the kings of the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties are all the descendants of the Emperor Xuanyuan and so he is revered as the earliest ancestor of the Chinese nation.

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