The Memorial Temple of Duke Zhou, Baoji

The Temple of Duke Zhou is located at the foot of Phoenix Hill, Qishan County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province.  The name Phoenix Hill comes from a reference in the “Book of Odes” describing a place where phoenixes sing atop a lofty mound.

Temple of Duke Zhou
Temple of Duke Zhou

About Duke Zhou

Duke of Zhou, also known as Dan Duke of Zhou, was the fourth son of King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty and the younger brother of King Wu of Zhou. He assisted King Wu in overthrowing the Shang Dynasty, and after the Zhou Dynasty was established, he instituted rituals and music to help maintain the harmony and stability of the Zhou Dynasty. Not only did he play an important role in politics, military affairs, and education, but he was also an exceptional poet and scholar whose thoughts deeply influenced Confucius.

Temple of Duke Zhou

It is said that the place used to be the fief of Dan Duke of Zhou, and here was the mansion of the Duke in ancient times. The temple was built in 618, the first year under the reign of Wude and it covered an area of 60 hectares with clusters of halls canopied under tall and luxuriant trees in the compound. Apart from the main hall in memory of Duke Zhou there are still ancestral hall of the Zhou people and other annexed halls for officials and officers with meritorious deeds.

The tablet-tower, spring of beneficial virtue and the white-stone carving of the North God are the other scenic noticeable attractions in the temple.

Temple of Duke Zhou
Temple of Duke Zhou

Highlights in the Temple of Duke Zhou

  • The Temple of Duke Zhou is home to over thirty ancient buildings.
  • There are numerous ancient cypress and locust trees.
  • Many renowned literati once pen poems and erecct steles when they visited the temple.
  • The Temple of Duke Zhou is embraced by mountains on three sides, offering great natural scenery.

Travel Information

  • Location: in the western part of the Qinling Mountains, at Dasan Ridge in Baoji City.
  • Opening hours: 9:30-18:00 (Feb. – Oct.); 10:00-17:30 (Nov. – Jan.)
  • Entrance fee: about CNY 64.6 per person
  • Recommended visiting time: 2-3 hours

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