The Tomb of Imperial Consort Yang

Located at Maweipo, some 12 kilometers to the northwest of Xingping City, the tomb is the burial place for Yang Yuhuan, the Imperial Consort of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang D)nasty. It is now one of the important cultural relics under the protection of the Shaanxi Province.

Yang Yuhuan, Huayin, Hongnong County by origin, later moved to live in Yongle County (nowadays Ruicheng County, Shanxi Province), was styled as Yuhuan, a national beauty and versed in music the eighteenth sou of Emperor Xuanzong she was later summoned into the court first to be a lady official and then a lay-novice in an imperial convent, given the name Taizhen. In the fourth year under the reign of Tianbao she was made imperial concubine with all her family enjoying the great honor and her brother promoted to be the Prime Minister of the country. In 756, the 15th year under the reign of Tianbao the rebellion staged by An Lushan broke the peace in the capital with Emperor Xuanzong running away bringing the concubine with him. However, towards the Maweipo, the army under the command of Chen Xuanli, general commander of the right army killed Yang Guozhong and said to the emperor that the rebellion was directly incited by the Yang Family, and that they demanded an immediate death of Yang Yuhuan or they wouldn’t submit to his command. “The army wouldn’t move in his protection thus pulling an end to the life of the Beauty” the emperor had no way out but gave the order to have her commit suicide by hanging herself. The concubine died a forced death at the age of thirty-eight only.

Tomb of Imperial Consort

The burial place for the concubine is a tomb-yard, the entrance of which is hung a placard inscribed with the “Tomb for Imperial Consort Yang of the Tang Dynasty. ” On entering the gate you’ll see a three- bay front hall, the hall for offering sacrifices built in imitation of a classical architecture and the tomb is right behind it. Standing around three meters high the earth mound is surrounded with laid bricks of gray. Embraced on three-sides is a covered up corridor, the wall of which is inserted with stone-steles of various sizes and styles. They are all chants or lamentations left by men of letters and celebrities of ensuing dynasties. In recent years the government has paid a lot attention to the reparation work of the tomb, which includes the repairing of the tomb itself, the construction of a wall for the tomb-yard, the stone-stele corridor and the hall for offering sacrifices and an arbor as well. And apart from all these a statue of the Imperial Consort Yang which, carved out of a marble piece, stands six meters high, is erected right in the rear part of the tomb-yard. Now the tomb for the Imperial Consort has become one of the important tourist attractions of Shaanxi Province.