The Water-head of the Jialing River

The scenic area of the water source of the Jialing River is located at the top of the Qinling Mountain, which is at somewhere of 33 kilometers along the Sichuan-Shaanxi Highway in the southern suburbs of the Baoji City. Being one of the four scenic areas of the Tiantai National Forest Reserve it covers a total area of 3, 600 hectares with the famous Jialing River taking its sources at 2, 800 meters above sea level in the Jialing Valley.

The Qinling Mountain is a demarcation line of the climate in north and south China, and also the watershed of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. There are over 40 scenic attractions in the area. With weird peaks thrusting into the sky and clean brooks flowing along the area is canopied under luxuriant trees, presenting an affable climate all the year round. The Seven Ladies Peak, green and delicate, the Insane Monk Rock and the Rock Flying From Afar, absolutely lifelike, the Scudding Clouds Cascades and the Momentous Black Dragon Pool, all these landscapes wrought by nature are so beautiful that one cannot take them all in.

Water-head of Jialing River

featuring the humane culture. They are the Tea-making Terrace of Liu Bang, First Emperor of Han Dynasty when entering into the Guanzhong area, the General Appointment Terrace of Zhuge Liang prior to his northern expedition against the Kingdom of Wei and the ancient battlefield at the Monk’s Mound and Daiwang Range, where Wu Jie and his brother resisted the encroachment of the Kin troops in Song Dynasty. Sprawling along the southern slope of the main range the scenic area is somewhere between an altitude of 1,500 -2, 800 meters at the mid- high level of the Qinling Mountain with an amiable climate and freshening air and sweet water as well. With an average temperature at 15 degrees centigrade and tile highest at 32 the area is really an ideal resort place for avoiding summer-heat and holiday-making. Now built in the area are some shacks for holiday makers and shops and restaurants in the service of tourists. Since it was opened to the public in May 1993 the place has with its warmth and charm endowed by nature attracted a lot of visitors from all over, thereby known as an ideal venue for tours, sightseeing, summer-holiday and vacations, etc.