Jingbian Wave Valley, Unique Danxia Landform

Located 22 kilometers southeast of Jingbian county, Yulin City in northern Shaanxi Province, the Wave Valley Scenic Area is a natural tourist attraction for amazing Danxia landforms. As one of the top natural wonders in Shaanbei (northern Shaanxi Province), the landscape of this area is dominated by red sandstone formations with undulating wave-like patterns, hence its name.

According to the geological surveys, the rare wave-shaped red sandstone Danxia landforms in this area were formed approximately 96 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. The surreal landscape we see today is thanks to the natural erosion and weathering of a hundred million years.

  • Location: South Wuyang Road, Jingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province
  • Opening hours: 8:30-17:00
  • Time needed: about 4-5 hours
  • Ticket price: CNY 90 per person for the Danxia scenic area; CNY 50 per person for the glass bridge
Jingbian Wave Valley
Jingbian Wave Valley


Top Scenic Spots in the Valley

3D Glass Bridge

The 3D scenic bridge is a specially constructed glass skywalk near the entrance of the Wave Valley Scenic Area. Spanning 340 meters in length and with a height of about 75 meters from the ground, the bridge gives visitors a divine perspective to overlook the Wave Valley. Additionally, it is equipped with modern media technology and #D effects, offering visitors an unforgettable interactive experience.

Glass Bridge in Jingbian Wave Valley
Glass Bridge in Jingbian Wave Valley

Flame Danxia (火焰丹霞)

The glass skywalk will lead you to the Flame Danxia which is often hailed as the Mars on the earth by photographers. Viewing from afar, the vibrant color of the red sandstone makes this area looks like a cluster of swirling flames.

Red Cliff Danxia (赤壁丹霞)

The next stop in the secnic area is the Red Cliff Danxia with a small river flowing across. One side of the river is dominated by loess plateau landscape, and the other side is a steep rec rock cliff, creating a striking contrast.

Heart of Earth Danxia (地心丹霞)

Move forward, visitors will get to the Heart of Earth Danxia, an underground Danxia which is known as China’s “Antelope Canyon”. Thanks to its stunning forms, any one can capture some great photos here effortlessly. >> You may also be interested in Zhangye Danxia Landform


Jingbian Wave Valley Vs. Antelope Canyon in America

Jingbian Wave Valley is somewhat different from the wave valley in Arizona, America. The wave valley of Arizona has white lines sandwiched between red lines on rocks, while the wave valley here is predominantly red.

Under the erosion of wind and rain, the sandstone here presents bizarre form and color, shaped like waves, waters, helix, and other different looks. The scenery also varies seen from different angles or periods of time, which always makes the visitors surprise and linger in the valley. The red color is formed mainly by the oxidation of iron and manganese, showing the artistic masterpiece of nature.

Jingbian Wave Valley
Jingbian Wave Valley


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