Xi’an Bell Tower

Reviews on Xian Bell Tower

Visitor 1: “Better at Night. Worth going to the top.”
I went t the Bell Tour late in the afternoon and paid to to to the top. It is a steep walk along a very small set of stairs with pedestrians going up and down. The views from the top are a photographers delight. The following evening, we drove passed and I wished that we had visited later in the day and got some photographs of the bell tower at night time. It really is spectacular with the way that it is lit up at nighttime.

Visitor 2: “Beautiful at night”
Get the double ticket for drum and bell towers. Time your visit to take in the performance. It is short but worth seeing. If you go from one tower straight to the other, the performances are staggered, so you can fit both in. At night the tower is lit up and looks stunning.

Xian Bell & Drum Tower Square
Xian Bell Drum Tower Square

Visitor 3: “Interesting”
Walk under the underpass to get inside the bell tower. Lots of steps as usual in China! Viewing inside and out of the bell tower.

Buy a combined ticket for both the bell tower and drum tower and save money. Musical show at certain times of the day, get there early to get one of the few seats.

Visitor 4: “Lovely lit up at night”
This Bell Tower is a few blocks walk from the South Gate of the City Wall. It is located right in the middle of a very large traffic circle. To visit the Bell Tower you need to use one of the underground tunnels as it would be impossible to cross all the lanes of traffic. It looks beautiful lit up at night.

Visitor 5: “Beautifully ornate tower, nice gardens, lots to see”
The tower itself is multi-layered, and the walls and doors have interesting features/details on them, which you could easily miss if you don’t take your time looking around. As we found with most temples and towers in Vietnam and China, the cornices and ceilings were beautifully decorated, with blue, green, red and gold being the dominant colours. There was a hall where all the different types of bells used are on display, and other artifacts were also plentiful. Would recommend a relaxing hour or two visiting the Bell Tower.

Xian Bell Tower

Visitor 6: “Prettier at night”
During the day it’s impossible to get a picture of this attraction, without hundreds of people standing in front of you, or numerous buses interrupting your picture. However wait until the evening, when it’s all lit up and it’s definitely worth it. As well as being much quieter, it’s an extremely pretty building and beautiful lit up. After going inside the Drum tower down the road and seeing both the drum and bell tower in Beijing! we decided not to visit inside. However I would definitely suggest a walk past when it’s dark.

Visitor 7: “Amazingly Beautiful At Night”
It is well past midnight when I walk from my hotel, The Days Inn, for some night time photography of Bell Tower.

With a light rain falling, seeing Bell Tower at night with its light reflecting of the wet road surface turns out to be a better experience than expected.