Xi’an Great Mosque

Reviews on Xi’an Great Mosque

Visitor 1: “a heaven of quiet”
In the middle of the very busy Muslim quarter, the mosque is a heaven of peace. stroll, look at the Chinese signs interlaced with the Arabic lettering. Restore your soul.

Now it is not easy to find it if you miss the easy way to find it. face north with the Drum tower in your back the easy way to the Mosque is a small busy street at 10 o’clock.(kind of). take it and it will you directly there.

Visitor 2: “Truly tranquil and inspiring”
The Xian Grand Mosque in the Muslim Quarters is truly a gem in the city. Set in a garden style with traditional Chinese Architecture (including the rare hanging or cantilever canopy construction which is fast disappearing in China), the mosque welcomes everyone to see how Islam and Chinese traditions can exist side by side without conflict. Too often Muslims in my country decry the display of pictures of animals in Muslim homes, but here, one can see stones carved with tortoises, dragons, birds among the many archways, gates, garden furniture and steps. The Chinese Muslims who come here to pray look so friendly, always with smiles on their faces, as if to say welcome, my brother! unlike those we have back home who often give visitors the unwelcome looks. The gardens are so peaceful and tranquil. We sat on the stone steps and forgot that just outside the wall are noisy buzzing markets. A must see in Xian.

Xian Great Mosque
Xian Great Mosque

Visitor 3: “Interesting low key site, worth a visit”
The mosque is an interesting site in the Muslim quarter. It is very hard to find, there’s a short route from the start of the Muslim street through an alleyway with souvenir shops, but this route has no signage.

It seems the mosque decides to close when it gets dark. The first time we arrived at 630pm, but it was dark and already closed.

Visitor 4: “Another World hidden in a Busy Market”
This Mosque is unique and focal point to the 100,000 Muslims who live side by side with over 12 million Chinese dwellers in the City of Xi’an. In the midst the hustle and bustle of the market this is haven of peace and a must see.

Visitor 5: “A peaceful unique Mosque”
I liked this peaceful unique mosque because not so many people visited this sightseeing. Though if there really tour to go there, they won’t spend much time here. I could find a quiet place in this crowded historic city. It is not a big mosque compared with those in middle east country. However, it is a unique mosque mixed with Chinese struction found in China.

Great Mosque

Visitor 6: “Serene, unique and beautiful”
I visited Xian in May 2013 as a solo traveler. I went to the muslim quarter and thru all the stalls of food, etc…and finally found this mosque…aww, very pretty, unique and peaceful. I went late on 1 afternoon and the place was empty. WEEE, no tours….eventually a group in a tour arrived…but I enjoyed it a lot. I like gardens and stone work.

I would recommend…if you are already in the area, stop by.

Beautiful garden and nice unique buildings.