Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew (Yangrou Paomo)

The Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew (known in Chinese as “Yangrou Paomo”) is a kind of traditional cuisine originated in Shaanxi Province, with Xi’an Paomo being the most famous. Like many other local dishes, restaurants serving Mutton Paomo can be found here and there in Xi’an, including a lot of time-honored brands like Lao Sun Jia, Tong Sheng Xiang and Lao Mi Jia. Recognized as the most representative meal of Xi’an, nearly all the visitors will put Yangrou Paomo on their must-eat list during their Xi’an tours.

Baked Cake Dipped into the Mutton

A Nutritious Cuisine with Rich Flavors

The mutton soup is braised for hours to get the rich and thick taste. After cooked, the diced flatbread is fully soaked with the intense flavor of the broth, leaving lingering aftertaste in your mouth with every bite. The mutton is another highlight with the lean meat tender while the fat not very greasy. Those who are not used to the flavor of mutton can also enjoy this traditional dish by ordering flatbread cooked in beef soup instead.

Rich in protein and carbon dioxide, the Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew is a sort of food of high-energy that can be taken all year round, winter being the best season for you to enjoy it. Besides, Mutton Paomo is also considered a healthy staple helping to warm the stomach and better people’s digestion.

The Way to Eat Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew is Special

In most cases, the normal routine when you eat at a restaurant is making the order and then waiting for your meals to be served. However, the eating of the Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew will leave an unforgettable culinary experience in your Xi’an food tour, which requires diners to participate in the making process.

After making the order, you will be given a large bowl and flatbread accordingly. Then, you need to break the flatbread into small bean-sized dices with your fingers to make the bread fully absorb the taste of mutton soup when cooked. After finished, the waiter will deliver the bowl of diced bread to the chef. A few minutes later, the steaming stew will be served in front of you.

You can add a spool of secret chili sauce to enrich the flavor, and also have some sweet pickled garlic to go with Yangrou Paomo, which is considered the best mate of Mutton Paomo by Xi’an natives. It is also accepted that the person enjoying Paomo must have it from one side to the other, just like a silkworm eating mulberry leaves, so that he’ll be able to get a sustainable taste.

Time-Honored Restaurants to Taste Authentic Xi’an Yangrou Paomo

1. Lao Sun Jia 老孙家

Xi’an Lao Sun Jia was founded in 1898, famous for not only Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton/Beef Stew, but also halal cuisines and ethnic flavors. The restaurant is authorized to receive international guests and has treated countless leaders from home and abroad.

Muslim Quarter Branch 回民街分店

Location: No. 178, Beiyuanmen Alley, Lianhu District (100m north of the Drum Tower)

Dongguan Branch 东关分店

Location: No. 78, Dongguan Zheng Street, Beilin District (80m west of Exit C1 of Chang Le Men Metro Station)

2. Tong Sheng Xiang 同盛祥

Tong Sheng Xiang is another time-honored brand with a history of over one hundred years. The founders of Tong Sheng Xiang were very particular about details. The whole making process consists of 15 sessions with 110 steps to guarantee the best taste of Yangrou Paomo.

The Bell Tower Branch 钟楼分店

Location: No. 5, West Street, Lianhu District (at the northwest corner of the Bell and Drum Towers Square)

Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-Bright City Branch 大唐不夜城分店

Location: No. 518, Yanta South Road, Yanta District

3. Lao Mi Jia 老米家

Although not very large in scale, Lao Mi Jia gains high reputations among local people and is crowded with diners most of the time.

The Drum Tower Branch 鼓楼分店

Location: No. 4, Huajue Alley, Lianhu District (100m north of the Drum Tower)

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Branch大雁塔分店

Location: at the west side of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (500m south of Exit B of Da Yan Ta Metro Station)

4. Huang Jia 黄家泡馍

The owner of Huang Jia Paomo pays special attention to keeping the pure taste of the mutton soup. The rich flavor of the broth is the highlight of the brand.

Kunming Road Branch昆明路分店

Location: No. 5, Hancheng South Road, Lianhu District (near Exit D of Han Cheng Lu Metro Station)

Xiguan Zheng Street Branch西关正街分店

Location: No. 79, Xiguan Zheng Street, Lianhu District (200m west of Exit A of An Ding Men Metro Station)

5. Lao Liu Jia 老刘家

Location: No. 101, North Guangji Street, Lianhu District

Lao Liu Jia is also an old brand established in 1932. Located in the prosperous Muslim Quarter, it is always packed with locals and visitors. Therefore, it is suggested you arrive there early to take a number first.