Baked Cake Dipped into the Mutton or Beef Soup

The baked cake diced and dipped in beef or mutton soup, known in Chinese as “Yangroupaomo,” is a kind of special snacks in Xi’an. The specialty is that the lean meat is tender while the fat does not taste and young. And still it is endurable with the taste lasting for a long time. It is good for the stomach and helps better your digestion as known to many people far and wide.

Baked Cake Dipped into the Mutton

The making and eating of Ibis sort of local snack has its own way, which requires special attention. It is divided into four types that are to be taken in different ways. The normal way to have it is that the sap the broken pieces and make them tasty, whereas the cooker has to the cake. He has to put all sorts of seasonings into the broth in a cor rect way and boil it over a blazing fire, and then pour it into bowls at a right moment. The person enjoying it must also have it from one side to the other just like a silkworm eating its mulberry–leaves so that he’ll be able to get a sustainable taste.

The Yangroupaomo in Xian today is, as said, developed from the broth based on ancient style. During the Western Zhou Period, this sort of broth was presented to the king or principals as a ” special gift,” and in the Northern and Southern dynasties a person by the name of Mao Xiuzhi curried favor with the emperor by presenting him groupaomo restaurants in Xi’an, such as the “Tianyanglou” and “Yi jianlou,” etc. Today, the famous Yangroupanmo restaurants in Xi’an are the ” Laosunjia,” “Dingxlngchun,” “Tongshengxiang,” “Yi jianlou” and ” Yixianglou” Restaurants, all of them having a history of around 60 years. The special characteristics of the Yangroupaomo are: the broth is rich and thick with a delicious taste. If you drink a bowl of soup after taking it you’ll get a lasting flavor in the mouth. Rich in protein and carbon dioxide it is a sort of food of high-energy that can be taken all the year round, winter being the best season for you to enjoy it.